Blog Still Under Attack

There’s been problems with accessibility with McHenry County Blog today.

When I reported it to Site5, I got the following reply:

The teck “found that IP ‘’ had made over 15000 hits today (one third of today’s amount). Is that IP known to you?”

Nice to be popular, I guess, but this sounds like a brute force attack, don’t you think?


Blog Still Under Attack — 6 Comments

  1. It has been difficult accessing your blog for quite some time.

    When you search for MCG, Woodstock Advocate appears.

    Something is clearly wrong, as I have heard from many people asking what happened to MCB, as they are unable to access the web site….

    Some have assumed that the web site no longer exists.

  2. Do you have a plugin to block excessive attempts (e.g. Wordfence)?

  3. That IP address belongs to Comcast in either Chicago or Indiana.

    You should complain to them if the attacks keep happening.

  4. I doubt if anyone is trying to hack you.

    It sounds like a classic Denial Of Service attack.

    A person with an axe to grind can set his router or his computer to constantly try to access your site so that nobody else can.

    A slick person can hack into other peoples computer(s) so that they do the dirty work without even knowing it.

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