Grafton Urged to Tax to the Max Tonight or “Lose It Forever”

Grafton Township Clerk Kathryn Francis is doing something that I wish all governmental bodies would do.

She is posting draft minutes to be considered at the next meeting.

For Grafton Township, that is tonight, Monday, December 15th, at 7:30 PM at the Township Hall, 10109 Vine Street, Huntley.

Now, if she would post them in a format that would allow one to copy and paste them, it would be perfect.

Of interest to taxpayers might be the following from those draft minutes of November 17th:

the November 17, 2014 draft meeting minutes:

Under the heading “Discussion and possible action on the Township Levy” appears the following:

Betty Zirk

Betty Zirk

“Trustee [Betty] Zirk wanted to make sure that we asked for more than the county said in order to capture new growth beyond the 17 million projected.

“She suggested that the Trustees request more than 2.92% in order to make sure that we capture it.

“She emphasized that if we didn’t get it now we would lose it forever.

“Supervisor [James] Kearns pointed out that regardless of what we ask for, we will likely get what the county said they would give us.

“In the end they all agreed that it might be best to ask for 3% instead of the 2.92 the county said.”

Under the heading “Discussion and possible action on the Road District Levy” appears the following:

Tom Poznanski

Tom Poznanski

“Road Commissioner [Tom] Poznaski said that he attended a session on Levies at the Township of Illinois.

“The speaker of the session recommended all Road Districts to request 4.99% to avoid losing the Motor Fuel Tax.

“Road Commissioner Poznaski said that is what he intends to do.”

= = = = =
The maximum (in the aggegate) that can be obtained from current property next year is 1.5%, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue. See its PTELL inflation chart.


Grafton Urged to Tax to the Max Tonight or “Lose It Forever” — 8 Comments

  1. Zirk, Kearns, and Poznaski are all planning to vote to increase our taxes just to make sure they can get as much money from taxpayers as possible without any stated need for this money.

    They just want more money to spend.

    Have they cut the budget?

    Is there a new building in the works?

    Zirk leads this money grab yet again.

    Very disappointing!!!!

  2. Good old betty zirk.

    Tax to the max.

    get her out of office as soon as possible.

    She still thinks she runs the township like she did years ago.

    Enough is enough!!!

    Kick in more than you need to betty, you have made enough off of the taxpayers for years.

    Time to give back.

  3. The village of Huntley is holding their request and not asking for more ,yet zirk and her cohrts want more money for the township than needed.

    Bob Anderson has the right idea.

    Abolish all township government and save the taxpayers money.

    As an example look at what kearns gets and this is not his primary job.

    That money would be better in the taxpayers pockets.

    As for zirk, my previous post shows what I think of her.

  4. Betty Zirk – it’s time for you to retire and never have public office again.

    Seems to me you always have your hand out and mouth always asking for more of the residents’ money.

    Knock it off already.

    Live within Grafton’s means.

    Just because folks think you’re a nice little elderly lady doesn’t mean you are good at being a trustee and guardian of the PEOPLE’S money.

    If you want to spend your own – go right ahead.

    Leave ours alone.

    Time to wipe out all townships. They aren’t needed in this day of electricity and cars and other govt. entities that can do the same jobs.

  5. The following is unadulterated bovine output!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The speaker of the session recommended all Road Districts to request 4.99% to avoid losing the Motor Fuel Tax.”

    MFT is based on mileage – it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the levy!!!

    Way to go Grafton!

    Keep giving Townships a horrible reputation!!

  6. How about ALL Townships follow the example set by Alden, Hartland and Seneca!!!

    Unlike the county and other units of government (especially schools)who continue to increase the tax dollars collected – THEY HAVE ACTUALLY LOWERED THEIR DOLLAR AMOUNT OF ASSESSMENT since 2008!!!

    Alden -12.68%
    Hartland -11.65%
    Seneca -0.61%

    Even some Township Road Districts have reduced the dollars collected when you compare 2008 to 2013:

    Dunham -5.03%
    Chemung -4.76%
    Hartland -1.04%

  7. If Poznaski can’t remember what he learns at Township meetings, what else has he gotten wrong?

    The Grafton Road District figures in the board packet show $1 million dollars sitting idle!

    Why is Poznaski stockpiling taxpayers money?

    What is he up to?

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