Zinke Talking to Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Undersheriff Andy Zinke at a County Board meeting.

Undersheriff Andy Zinke at a County Board meeting.

I got an anonymous call yesterday from a woman who said that former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke had been hired by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.

So, I inquired.

Today, Cara Smith, Executive Director of the Cook County Jail and Chief of Policy and Communications for Sheriff Tom Dart, called to tell me that there had been “generalized conversations” concerning Zinke’s being employed in the Jail or the Sheriff’s Office, but, “No, he has not been hired.”

“At this time,” she said, “there’s no plan to bring him aboard.”

She added that there have been conversations with a number of potential employees.


Zinke Talking to Cook County Sheriff’s Office — 4 Comments

  1. Trust me, No way will Cook County hire Zinke.

    Nygren had ties with Cook County but Zinke won’t be there.

    I’m surprised that Cara responded and called back.

    She would only do that if they didn’t want Zinke’s name around.


    I’ll have to make a call myself on that one.

  2. Here is news, ZINKE LIED.

    No surprise.

    He said that he HAD A JOB when he resigned.

    Anyone thinking of hiring this guy really needs to think twice.

    Get a lot of bad baggage with this one.

  3. The obsession for where the guy is working now is kind of entertaining.

    Actually kind of surprised it hasn’t leaked out yet.

    As he really has no obligation to tell anyone, I hope those that know can keep others playing these guessing games for a while longer.

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