School Board Candidates with Monday Filing Deadline

All school board candidates now file their petitions at the McHenry County Clerk’s Office and Mary McClellan has a list of them. It’s a bit hard to find, so, if you are interested, click here.

Below is who had filed through Friday.

Monday afternoon is the deadline for filing.  It takes 50 good signatures to get on the ballot.  I suggest all get at least 100 to make sure to have 50 good ones.  (See additional advice on petitions below.)

You can download the petitions from the Kane County Clerk’s Office’s web site.  Click here.

Nippersink (Richmond-Spring Grove) Grade District 2

  • Matthew Johnson

Fox River Grove Grade District 3

  • Devin Bright
  • Thomas Mollet
  • Gerry Blohm

Johnsburg Unit District 12

  • Steve Rooney
  • Melissa A Tinsley
  • Scott M Rowe
  • Valerie Klos
  • Jerry Harker

McHenry Grade School District 15

  • Paul Santopadre
  • Betty Davis
  • Mike Hettermann

Riley Grade School District 18 – Still no one.

Alden-Hebron Unit District 19

  • Johnny A Eskridge
  • Kenneth M Winkelman
  • Michael Norton

Cary Grade School District 26 –  Still no one.

Harrison (Wonder Lake) Grade School District 36

  • David Yang
  • Mark Nothdorf
  • Cliff Leegard
  • Bob Anderson
  • Karen Parks
  • Laurie Alsot

Prairie Grove Grade School District 46

  • Khushali Z. Shah

Crystal Lake Grade School District 47

  • Robert Fetzner
  • Ryan Ferrell
  • Curtis Wadlington

Harvard Unit District 50

  • Diana Bird
  • Julie Lehmann
  • Sandra J Theriault
  • Patricia Bredehorst
  • Sharon L. McMillan

Marengo High School District 154

  • Elizabeth Henning
  • Dianna K Torman
Bleachers will probably be an issue in the District 155 school board contest.

Bleachers will probably be an issue in the District 155 school board contest.

Crystal Lake High School District 155

  • Gerald Gross
  • Rosemary Kurtz
  • Amy Blazier
  • Brian Alan Pelz
  • Adam Guss
  • Karen K. Whitman

McHenry High School District 156

  • John Schroeder
  • Williiam Stanton
  • Dawn Bremer
  • Steve Bellmore
  • Michael Lovitsch
  • Timothy C. Byers

Richmond-Burton High School District 157

  • Theresa Highley
  • Steven D Holtz
  • Thomas E. Gough

Huntley Unit School District 158

  • William T. Geheren
  • Anthony R. Quagliano

Marengo-Union Grade School District 165

Matthew A. Erbstoesser

Woodstock Unit School District 200

  • Russell Goerl
  • David A. Shinnerr
  • L. William Nattress

Carpentersville District 300

  • Steve Fiorentino
  • Joe Stevens

McHenry County Regional Board of Schools

  • Mary Ann Louderback

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Schools spend about two-thirds of our property tax dollars.

For people who want to make a difference as far as taxes go, school board should be on the top of one’s list.

You can get petitions and other necessary paperwork at the Kane County Clerk’s web site.  Click here.

Below are some petition passing tips:

Petition Filing Tips

With filling for school, park, fire protection, library, etc., districts starting Monday, December 15th,  and ending Monday December 22nd, I thought a repeal of my petition tips might be in order.

Not many signatures are required. And “signatures” means people must write, not print their names!

Only 15 were required to get on the Crystal Lake City ballot.  Even so, one candidate for City Council only handed in 16 and two were from people who didn’t live in Crystal Lake, so they didn’t count.

Pretty much anyone could get enough this weekend.

Petitions can be picked up from most of the district offices, except for school board. They are being distributed by the McHenry County Clerk’s Office in Woodstock.  Remember, most of our taxes are imposed by school districts.

Read how two candidates got removed from the Crystal Lake ballot by clicking this story’s headline:

Crystal Lake Incumbents Eliminate Competition

Here are some tips about petition filing that I hope are helpful:

Petition Tips

Filing for all villages, school boards, park districts, fire protection districts, library districts, etc., starts next Monday and continues for a week.

The lessons candidates should learn from this are

  1. File with the County Clerk a Statement of Economic Interest (known by politicians as the “None, None, None” form). Staple the receipt you receive to your petition package.
  2. Make sure you number the pages of your petition.
  3. Make sure you get twice as many petition signatures as you need.  (While Crystal Lake Council candidate Jeremy Krick was not thrown off the ballot because two of his sixteen signatures were from people living outside of Crystal Lake, that would have been a good enough reason to do so. Losing those two signatures put him under the required minimum number of fifteen.)
  4. Make sure you sign the bottom of your petitions or have your supporters sign the bottom of their petitions in front of a notary public and that those notarizing the signatures both sign and affix their stamps to the form’s bottom.
  5. Staple all of your paperwork together. Do not use a paper clip.
  6. The Loyalty Oath is not required. The law that provided for it has been held unconstitutional.


School Board Candidates with Monday Filing Deadline — 4 Comments

  1. I see only one incumbent among those filing for District 47, and only one incumbent for District 155.

    This is a good sign.

    Unfortunately, I know nothing about any of the candidates except Rosemary Kurtz, who is the Grand Dame of McHenry County politics and a friend of the taxpayer.

    I have also heard good things about Amy Blazier.

    Cal, it would be great if you could give us a little background on each of the candidates.

    The Herald has a questionnaire, but doesn’t tell us salient facts about the candidates, such as when Arne Waltmire ran for MCC but the Herald failed to mention anywhere that he was board member of the state teachers’ union.

  2. Remember !!!!

    It is VITAL candidates that you understand this demand: STAPLE and do not PAPER-CLIP the petitions together.

    HORROR OF HORRORS if you commit this offense.

    Your name shall be removed from the ballot.

    Such an egregious offense against the state SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED !!!

    Shame on any such violators for considering such an offense.

    This is how low our system has devolved.

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