Filings for April School Board Elections

There is a tremendous difference in citizen involvement among McHenry County school districts.

One, tiny Riley Grade School District in the far southeastern corner of the County has no candidates.

And, Cary has only one candidate.

On the other hand, Crystal Lake’s High School District, which covers not only Crystal Lake, but Prairie Grove, most of Cary, most of Fox River Grove and a small portion of Lake in the Hills has eleven people running for its board.

All are from Crystal Lake but Daniel J Marks, who lives in Cary.

District 155, of course, has been in the news because of its illegal construction of mega-bleachers putting homes west of South High School in its shadow.

The best known is former State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz.

McHenry High School District also has a lot of candidates–eight in total.

Wonder Lake’s school district has six candidates.  Five are running for four-year terms and one, Bob Anderson, is the only candidate for a two-year term.

Other school board contests are also already decided.

For the Alden-Hebron Unit District School Board, for example, Eugenia Linneman is the only candidate for the two-year term.  Three men are running for a four-year spot.

In Woodstock, L. William Nattress is the only candidate for the two-year term.

For McHenry County Regional Board of Trustees, Mary Ann Louderback is the only candidate.

Here are those reported to have filed for school boards in McHenry County:

Nippersink (Richmond-Spring Grove) Grade District 2

  • Matthew Johnson
  • Diane Bishop
  • Bertram P Irslinger Jr

Fox River Grove Grade District 3

  • Devin Bright
  • Thomas Mollet
  • Gerry Blohm

Johnsburg Unit District 12

  • Steve Rooney
  • Melissa A Tinsley
  • Scott M Rowe
  • Valerie Klos
  • Jerry Harker
  • Jason Blumenthal

McHenry Grade School District 15

  • Paul Santopadre
  • Betty Davis
  • Mike Hettermann
  • John O’Neill

Riley Grade School District 18 – Still no one.

Alden-Hebron Unit District 19

  • Johnny A Eskridge
  • Kenneth M Winkelman
  • Michael Norton
  • Eugenia Linneman

Cary Grade School District 26

  • Scott Coffey

Harrison (Wonder Lake) Grade School District 36

  • David Yang
  • Mark Nothdorf
  • Cliff Leegard
  • Bob Anderson
  • Karen Parks
  • Laurie Alsot

Prairie Grove Grade School District 46

  • Khushali Z. Shah
  • Joseph D Ricciardi

Crystal Lake Grade School District 47

  • Robert Fetzner
  • Ryan Ferrell
  • Curtis Wadlington
  • David Sunseri
  • Benjamin Breitholtz

Harvard Unit District 50

  • Diana Bird
  • Julie Lehmann
  • Sandra J Theriault
  • Patricia Bredehorst
  • Sharon L. McMillan

Marengo High School District 154

  • Elizabeth Henning
  • Dianna K Torman
  • Farrah A. Ranzino
Bleachers will probably be an issue in the District 155 school board contest.

Bleachers will probably be an issue in the District 155 school board contest.

Crystal Lake High School District 155

  • Gerald Gross
  • Rosemary Kurtz
  • Amy Blazier
  • Brian Alan Pelz
  • Adam Guss
  • Karen K. Whitman
  • Daniel J Marks
  • James Edward Clark
  • Brennan G Markee
  • Brett S. Siegmeier
  • Titus Mielke

McHenry High School District 156

  • John Schroeder
  • Williiam Stanton
  • Dawn Bremer
  • Steve Bellmore
  • Michael Lovitsch
  • Timothy C. Byers
  • Paul Lotz
  • Erin M. Harris

Richmond-Burton High School District 157

  • Theresa Highley
  • Steven D Holtz
  • Thomas E. Gough

Huntley Unit School District 158

  • William T. Geheren
  • Anthony R. Quagliano
  • Kevin Gentry

Marengo-Union Grade School District 165

  • Matthew A. Erbstoesser
  • Lesley A Pace

Woodstock Unit School District 200

  • Russell Goerl
  • David A. Shinnerr
  • L. William Nattress

Carpentersville District 300

McHenry County Regional Board of Schools

  • Mary Ann Louderback


Filings for April School Board Elections — 11 Comments

  1. Good to see so many have filed to run in the 47 & 155 races.

  2. Thank you to those putting their name on the ballot.

    One item to work on and save the taxpayer money: Standardize all of the different web sites used by the District.

    There is absolutely NOTHING standard about the websites.

    Try to find their financial reports!

    Why should you care?

    There is a different dollar amount shown on almost all AFRs and CAFRs then what is reported by each district to the State Dept. of Ed.

    We have a Regional Superintendent of Schools.

    The office, just like Township Assessors, does have actual requirements to run for the office.

    Why is the holder of the office not saving taxpayer dollars by standardizing websites with ONE template instead of EIGHTEEN different sites?

    The same question can be asked about Municipalities and all other various types of government units. This approach would make consolidation of units of government far easier Mr. Anderson.

    Why do we still have a school board for Riley?

    A school board and Superintendent for 301 students?


    Where is Jack Franks?

  3. Schools have ‘standardized’ testing, ‘standardized’ reporting, ‘standardized’ teacher standards – Why do we not have ‘standardized’ websites?

  4. Say What?

    So why is it not part of the Marengo-Union District or better yet why is there not just one school district in the southWEST portion of the County in place of three?

  5. Actually, the Regional Supt. of Education does have eligibility requirements.

  6. I own property in the Riley School District.

    There is no reason why this school district should not be combined with Marengo.

    They like their independence at great taxpayer expense.

    It cost an arm, leg and etc. to support this little school.

    Please Riley School District try to help the poor taxpayers here.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that Karen Whitman is the only d155 board member running again?

    I assume the other 2 realized they had no chance at re election.

  8. Re; “Actually, the Regional Supt. of Education does have eligibility requirements.”

    I think that is what I stated: “The office, just like Township Assessors, does have actual requirements to run for the office. “

  9. Cal,

    Could you repost this article and show how many people are running for how many openings?


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