Tribune Continues Campaign Against Red Light Camera Abuse

Red Light Cameras Trib 12-22-14For the second day in a row, the Chicago Tribune has a front page story on Red Light Cameras.

Today’s headline reads,


Study:  No safety benefit for many red light devices that pop up at low-injury crash sites

State Senator Dan Duffy, who represents the southeastern portion of McHenry County, is the legislator who has led the fight against Red Light Cameras.

I imagine he will have more company next session than he has in the past.

It might even become a Chicago mayoral and aldermanic campaign issue.

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The Chicago Sun-Times jumped on the findings of the Chicago Tribune with regard to Red Light Cameras:
Red Light Cameeras S-T 12-22-14


Tribune Continues Campaign Against Red Light Camera Abuse — 3 Comments

  1. Stay out of Chicago.

    Unless you work there do not go there.

    Once the stores, museums and restaurants start losing money changes will be made.

    You can thank crooked Daley for this.

  2. There’s plenty of these ridiculous little money-makers in McHenry County, too.

  3. Well, well, well!!! Guess who supports Red light cameras in McHenry County?

    Here is a quote from the meeting minutes of July 17th, 2013: “Concurrence from the Committee was sought for the continued use of the system at this location with the following results: Chirikos – no; Koehler – no; Evertsen – no; Salgado – yes; Provenzano – yes; Yensen – yes; Miller – yes; motion carried for the Village of Lake in the Hills to continue the use of the RLR camera program at Randall Road and Acorn Lane.”

    About the only vote Chirikos got correct during his two year stint!!

    Yensen and Salgado are gone.

    Both Hill and Kopsell, new to Transportation, would likely vote whichever way Miller tells them to vote so if this issue comes up again you would likely got ‘consensus’ approval again with Provenzano supporting it.

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