Tryon Musical Group Opening Rauner Concert

The Bruce Rauner Inaugural Committee announced Monday that the band in which State Rep. Mike Tyron plays will open the Inaugural Concert:

MikeTryon and the band.

MikeTryon and his band at a Crystal Lake fundraiser..

The Boat Drink Caucus – comprised of Representative Chad Hays, Representative Mike Tryon and Senator Don Harmon – will open the concert. The trio combine a Jimmy Buffett-like tropical style with classic rock favorites.

They will be followed by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Buddy Guy and headliner Toby Keith, Billboard‘s No. 1 Country Artist of the Decade and No. 1 Country Songwriter of the Decade.



Tryon Musical Group Opening Rauner Concert — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve heard they’re quite good.

    They play a crazy tune called ‘Smoking in the Boys Room” and parable how voodoo pseudoscience has shown smoking doesn’t cause cancer, eh Cindy?

  2. Does this help explain Tryon’s move to the left in his votes?

  3. Well, Tryon better get another career lined up ….. he’ll need it when he’s defrenestrated.

    He’s a stinking RINO who has been ‘Tryon’ the patience of real GOPers for far too many years ….

    McHenry Co.’s own Lil’ Lindsey Graham of sorts ………

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