Quinn Signs Conspirators’ Eavesdropping Protection Bill

As I explained in my article

Manipulating a Reformer

Shiela Simon’s mother, State Rep. Jeanne Hurley was duped by crooked members of the General Assembly to sponsor a bill that made it illegal for anyone to tape record a conversation in which every participant did not give permission.  (Click on the title above to find out more.)

The gist of the situation was that Chicago American’s reporter Jack Mabley got keys to a locker where tapes were found.  The tape contained recordings of the currency exchange lobbyists and legislators talking about bribing legislators.  $30,000 was mentioned on the tapes.

He wrote a series of stories based on those tapes.

To stop future stories based on tapes, the legislators sympathetic to criminal elements convinced the future Mrs. Paul Simon to sponsor a bill (see linked article above) to make it illegal to tape record a conversation where everyone had not given permission.

House Bill 1210, the legislation that was held unconstitutional.

House Bill 1210, the legislation that was held unconstitutional.

This law was held unconstitutional.

This past session the Illinois General Assembly passed a revision to the old law.

But, as the Chicago Tribune article on the bill that Governor Pat Quinn just signed reports,

“The new law would require that all parties involved in a private conversation give their permission to be recorded.”

That sounds so, so much like the old law.

And it will protect similar criminal conspiracies which might be revealed to reporters.

Another portion of the law, according to the Tribune, the law

“would make it a crime for someone to forward an email or other electronic communication that the sender intended to be private..”


Quinn Signs Conspirators’ Eavesdropping Protection Bill — 2 Comments

  1. Now that’s funny.

    Seeing how the NSA and other agencies have ALL of our emails, keystrokes and conversations in a huge data bank.

  2. Isn’t this the same law that is already in the status ?

    Maybe Quinn never read it before.

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