Gerring GOP Legislators to Make Unpopular Votes

The Chicago Tribune is reporting today that the following millionaires have put $20 million in
Governor-elect Bruce Rauner’s campaign fund.

  • Bruce Rauner himself kicked in $10 million.
  • Ken Griffin donated $8 million.
  • Richard Uihlein put in the other $2 million.

The money was given the last two days of 2014.

This article will bring confidence to GOP legislators about to be asked to vote against the wishes of their districts.

This article will bring confidence about rte-election to GOP legislators about to be asked to vote against the wishes of their districts.

Traditionally, Republican governors have been willing to have their photos taken with endangered Republican legislators and, maybe, appear in their districts.

This is taking a page out of Mike Madigan’s book.

Support me when I ask and I’ll provide the money if you are challenged.


Gerring GOP Legislators to Make Unpopular Votes — 7 Comments

  1. Atta boy, Bruce – way to (((shake up))) Springfield.

    I can hardly wait to see subsequent posts AFTER he actually takes office.

    Hold on to your hats – this guy is gonna makke the Daley’s look like rookies.

  2. GOOD BYE tea partiers and social conservatives!

    Hope you all had fun screwing up McHenry County this last year.

    And what did you really accomplish?

    That is serious money.

  3. Proud Republican you sound like one of the good ol boys. Rauner was not my 1st choice for Governor But quinn had to go. He is not even sworn in yet, as for the county officials they have only been in 1 month. So how is everything screwed up?

    OOO I see Your mad because your good ol boys are not in charge any more and don’t want to work with the new Republican group in charge now.

    Well see this is how the new group felt for the last 30+ Years of your DICTATORSHIP.

    Now if your old rashem would have worked with all of the republicans in he County this would not have happened. I think the voters were fed up to they are the ones that had the final decision and voted.

    Why not work together to be a stronger group?

  4. An equalizer to Michael Madigan’s Democratic Majority fund.

    Fight fire with fire.

    This from the other Mark.

  5. Sounds like proud republican is really a proud RINO, and may have been instrumental in screwing up our county for the past 30 years.

    It’s over – finally & next, clean out the county board and replace Tryon & Althoff with real Republicans who actually care about their constituents.

    No more good ole boys and girls!

  6. 2 questions for the proud Republican………….

    1 are you really a Republican?

    and are you really proud….

    you sound more like a pissed off Democrat or what we call a Rino..

    you will soon be purged from the ranks………..

    there are a few rinos and/or good ole boys still around. but your days are numbered…..

    McHenry County will be all the better……………

    going to be a good year

  7. Proud Republican. What did we achieve, you ask?

    Bill Prim was elected and we took down the “REGIME” The same “REGIME” that has been in McHenry County for decades.

    Now we need to bring in a new Mayor for the City of Crystal Lake.

    That’s right Bill, it’s going to be a good year!

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