NW Herald Advances Sascha Chadwick’s Write-In Campaign for CL Mayor

Top Northwest Herald article on New Year Eve's Day.

Top Northwest Herald article on New Year Eve’s Day.

Impossible to know why the Northwest Herald is making it possible for Shasha Chadwick to launch a high profile write-in campaign for Mayor of Crystal Lake.

Sascha Chadwick

Sascha Chadwick

It can’t be his and his council’s hiking the city’s sales tax rate by 75% on April Fool’s Day in 2008.  The NWH’s editorial board wrote not one negative word about that.  (Read story 1 and story 2 and story 3 and story 4.)  Not even a story when it took effect on July 1st.

No mention was made of the almost 10% property tax increase last year either.

Does the paper think that Mayor Aaron Shepley has been around too long?

Does the paper think unkindly about Shepley’s knocking Chadwick off the spring ballot for failing to number four pages of petition signatures?

Does the paper think Shepley’s lobbying against a hospital in Crystal Lake as part of his employment with Centegra was unseemly?

TIF Monument Snow covering west side in front of 5th 3rd Bank

The price of gasoline was much higher when this photo was taken of the $16,000 monument in front of Fifth Third Bank.

Does the paper think the four $16,000 monuments marking the boundaries of the Virginia Street Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District (which are financed by everyone outside of the TIF district are excessive expenditures?

Maybe news is slow and the two front-page articles were merely ways to fill space with through-provoking news, thus helping to sell more newspapers.

Regardless of the motivation, the two articles have made it easier for Chadwick to mount a write-in campaign against Shepley.


NW Herald Advances Sascha Chadwick’s Write-In Campaign for CL Mayor — 30 Comments

  1. From what I’ve read (and correct me if I’m wrong)this guy has no experience to qualify him as Mayor.

    Whether you like Mayor Shepley or not, do we really want someone in office who has no idea how to number pages and follow the rules to run for the office of mayor?

    Crystal Lake deserves someone who knows what the job is about and how to actually do the job.

    He probably should have made a run for city councilman first.

  2. Cal presents some interesting anti-Shepley arguments.

    However, there were members of the City Council complicit with some of these decisions and they were not made in a vacuum.

    I see nothing that qualifies Chadwick to be mayor.

    Being “anti-incumbent” by itself is not a qualification to govern.

  3. Cal, that paper is a joke.

    The article is nothing more than a rebuttal by Shepley.

    A “real” reporter should interview Mr. Chadwick.

  4. My point is that giving name identification to Sasha Chadwick is helpful if he runs a write-in campaign.

  5. Chadwick was interviewed.

    Maybe not quoted to your satisfaction, but the reporter did talk to him.

  6. I was hinting that “someone”, maybe someone with a “blog” should interview Chadwick and post their findings.

    Real questions about who this person is?

  7. Cal 2 of their officers were stalking one of our residents at Sam’s Club.

    A subpoena was sent to Walmart and they provided a copy of the video.

    It is the real deal.

    Shepley knew.

    Bill Nealson you are right, Shepley and Mayerhofer are bullies and both need to resign immediately.

  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=567454380053226&set=a.567455900053074.1073741828.100003660067811&type=1&theater

    Mary and Carrie Birch are “SERIAL VICTIMS” Which translates into no credibility. They have had several people falsely arrested and have filed several false police reports, with the assistance of the Crystal Lake Police. One big fat charade after another, which means nothing but a big fat waste of tax payer dollars and the arrest and defamation of various people. I have the evidence and the names of their victims. SHEPLEY NEEDS TO RESIGN!

    Mary Birch’s husband was a police officer.

  9. Melissa Birch Kimpel is the daughter of Mary Birch and sister of Carrie Birch.

    She is also friends with Kim ZInke.

    The entire family is friends with Tamara and Bob Demodica….

    Hmmmmm could this be why they have managed to have so many people arrested?

    Officer Dean Lisi, you have the right to remain silent!

    Everything you say, can and will be used against you!


  10. The only way to stop this is to expose what they have done to others.

    Gosh Aaron, and you thought you could prevent the public from knowing.

    Ever hear of that thing called social media?

    More to come at a Crystal Lake theatre near you!


  11. to Shepley and jgkm6 about qualification based of filing for the office.

    Maybe any of these sets of forms are unambiguous for you, when you did your filing for an office the first time and you might be given advice how to sort and bind together these different forms.

    As you may know, there are a number of different forms that that need to be filed, like, Statement of Candidacy, Loyalty Oath (that may or may not be filed by some candidates for particular reason), Statement of Economic Interests’ receipt from the County Clerk.

    Also, should you number the lot or only the Petition pages that only state page ____ and not page ____ of ____ for clarity as in many legal documents.

    Should you also include the statement of Fair Champaign Practices Act (10 ILCS 5/29B et. seq.).

    Do not assume that candidates are unqualified simpletons just because you may be able to obtain information from relevant sources prior to make your filing.

    Mr. Chadwick will do well to try to be a write-in candidate, as mayors and old loafs of bread become stale and molded when been around for too long.

  12. The Loyalty Oath has not been required since a court decision. I always filed it when I ran.

    But it’s really not at all hard to get on the ballot.

    If he can’t do that (and I know the petition rules are quite arcane, and meant for this very reason knock off people from the ballet that are just Joe Average who are mad at the incumbents) one must really wonder if he IS qualified to run.

    And, you need to FILE to run a write in!

    Something the Chicago Dems gave us a while ago.

    Can he meet the write in requirements?

  13. What was Allen Shepley’s experience when he took office in 1999?

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