Reader Compares Althoff-Tryon Tax Hike Bill to Horse Race

Reader Susan’s mind is really occupied with Senate Bill 3341, the legislation successfully sponsored by State Senators Pam Althoff and Karen McConnaughay in the upper house and State Representative Mike Tryon in the lower house.

Here is her comparison of the bill to a horse race:

The Arlington Park race track logo.

The Arlington Park race track logo.

Now we have what fellow racehorse handicappers know as Past Performances, and we need to handicap the race.

Before Ms Althoff’s bill, this horse (MCCD) would not have qualified for this race

(The ‘We trust you with an expanded credit line for a whole lot more taxpayer money’ Handicap).

‘MCCD the horse’ is entered courtesy of Ms. Althoff’s political power.

Will this horse win?

Will it run ‘with heart’ (behave honorably and ‘giving its all’ with the trusted custody of other peoples’ money)?

Past performance can be indicative of future performance.

1. Property taxes collected by demand of MCCD have risen every year 2005-2014. ($7,364,831 more in 2014 than in 2005).

2. Assessed value of taxed citizens’ property LOWER in 2014 than in 2004 and every year after. ($8,564,661,998 value in 2005, $7,189,697,681 in 2014).

3. Acreage owned [by MCCD] has risen each year from 2005-2014. (Horse keeps buying land with other peoples’ promissory oats).

Handicapper assumptions: This MCCD horse is a maiden (never won a race) when it comes to running with heart.

It runs because the owner enters it in races and it has no choice.

Can it be rehabilitated?

Sure, with the right trainer and grooms and jockey, it could be a winner.

= = = = =
If you want to express your opinion to Govenror Pat Quinn on whether he should sign or veto Senate Bill 3341, sponsored by State Senators Pam Althoff and Karen McConnaughay and State Rep. Mike Tryon, the link is below.  This is the bill that would allow the McHenry County Conservation District to borrow more money without referendum approval.

Or call 1-312-814-2121.

If Quinn does not sign or veto the bill, it will automatically become law sixty days after passage.

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