Prim Seeks Change in Sheriff’s Merit Commission

On the agenda of Monday’s 8:15 AM McHenry County Law and Justice Committee meeting appears the following:

Deliberation and selection of Joseph Algers [sic] for recommendation to the County Board Chairman for the Sheriff’s Merit Commission for a term to expire on April 1, 2017
Randy Hultgren confers with Joe Alger, a moving force in Patriots United.

Randy Hultgren confers with Joe Alger, a moving force in Patriots United.

Joe Alger is a leader at JAFrate, the local trucking firm known for its support of Veterans.

He is also active in Patriots United.

The Sheriff’s Merit Commission did not have many meetings over Sheriff Keith Nygren’s last term.

Below you can see the description, as provided on the Sheriff’s web site, of what the Commission does:

The merit commission ensures a fair and equal opportunity system for the employment, promotion, discipline and discharge of full-time Deputy Sheriffs and merited rank positions. Merited ranks in the Sheriff’s Office are Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Deputy Sheriff.

The commission is comprised of five volunteer commissioners, each serving a minimum two-year term. There are three officer positions within the commission: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. Officers are elected by simple majority vote of the commissioners.

Meetings are open to the public and held on the second Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in the County Administration Building, 667 Ware Rd, Woodstock, next to the Government Center. The Chairperson may call special meetings as necessary.

The current members are

  • William Mack (Republican)
  • Gloria Urch-VanHof (Democrat)
  • Janelle A. Crowley (Republican)
  • Patrick J. McAndrews (Democrat)

You can see their terms below:

Sheriff's Merit Com members as of 1-1-15Alger will be replacing Brian Goode of the RITA Corporation. The company figured prominently, although not by choice, in the Republican primary campaign for Sheriff. ┬áIt is still in the news as a result of The First Electric Newspaper’s attempt to obtain, under the Freedom of Information Act, a report from Sheriff Nygren exonerating his Undersheriff Andy Zinke from any wrongdoing in the situation.

Joe Alger was a supporter and contributor to Prim’s campaign for Sheriff.


Prim Seeks Change in Sheriff’s Merit Commission — 34 Comments

  1. Where is the connection between the title of the post and the contents?

    Was something left out of the post?

  2. Patrick McAndrews is a political hack.

    He is a liberal democrat who befriends RINOs or democrats who have, for the sake of local politics, accepted the Republican (R) title.

    Sheriff Nygren was the leader of this group.

    Nygren and McAndrews were a political team.

    With Nygren out, McAndrews is powerless and should remain so.

  3. I presume that the make up of the Merit Commission is because you have to have at least two democrats on it.

    Why don’t we act like Chicago does with election judge and have a couple of bullet-proof Republicans register as democrats to get them on the commission?

  4. Re: “Prim puts him on Merit Commision”

    Where does it state this?

  5. More patronage!!!

    This would shock anyone not familiar with Crook County politics!

    Awfully hard to appear unbiased when connections get you places!

    Is Alger the best possible candidate?

    If so, then great–but when all these positions are appointed to campaign contributors–there’s good reason for concern.

    New name, more regime.

  6. The Sheriff historically nominates and the County Board goes along with his wishes.

  7. “Skeptic” should be ashamed of the remarks concerning Patrick McAndrews.

    Yes, Pat is a Democrat, as was his father, and he takes a lot of heat about his politics.

    A member of a 4 generation McHenry family, his reputation is beyond reproach.

  8. Hardly a surprise. Another old school financial supporter of Bianchi’s.

    Alger probably is a great guy and may well be deserving, just kind of funny that it is just more of the same from the so called “reformers” who promised the end to political patronage in McHenry County.

  9. So what if Alger supports bianchi and prim?

    THEY are the good guys, and will clean up the mess Nygren and his regime made.

    Joe is a stand up, no nonsense guy, who loves his country and county.

    Still so many sour grapes because the patronage gang lost, eh?

    It’ll be hard seeing and hearing the truth I’m sure.

    I’m looking forward to a new year in McHenry County!

  10. I think people should realize that Sheriff Prim is NOT of the old regime.

    You have to know that the old ways of doing things are of the past.

    Political patronage?

    Yes that was obvious with Nygren and Zinke.

    Many of us have waved from the floats and supported Prim but that doesn’t mean we will be working for the Sheriff’s department. l.o.l.

    I have great confidence that Sheriff Prim will always take into consideration the persons qualifications, background and working practices before he even considers them for a position and they must always have the Sheriff’s department foremost in their minds and working to serve the community of McHenry County.

  11. I have no Problem with Joe Alger, he is a good guy who supports America and Our Vets………..

    my problem is how does Gloria Urch get on the Board .again.

    she was on the board when Nygren was in, she didn’t do any thing then and I don’t expect her to do anything now….

    Is she on because she’s a black lady Democrat……….

    what are her qualifiactions

  12. Now Bill nealson, would you feel better if Prim hired a person working at a 7-11 and had no qualifications and never voted in their life?

  13. I have great confidence that Prim will always take into consideration the persons qualifications, background and working practices before he even considers them for a position, such as Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch Voter?

    Do you need to be reminded who theses two violent criminal thugs are?

  14. The names of Schuch and McNamara will haunt Bill Prim during his entire career.

    Their names have nothing to do with Joe Alger.

    Joe is an honest business man who dedicates most of his ‘free’ time supporting others who actually ‘serve’ We The People – the enlisted members of our military.

    I cannot think of a much better selection for the Merit Commission – someone who will speak his mind independent of political association, someone who can actually read a budget, someone who actually works to impact our country positively.

  15. Thank you for the clarification Cal.

    I do not think Bill Prim could have made a better selection then Joe Alger.

    Joe actually has the qualifications for the job!!

  16. Just want to be clear, no problem with Joe Alger taking this position or Prim’s right to make the appointment to a political supporter.

    Just having fun with the complete hypocrisy of many of Prim and Bianchi supporters.

    I see hilarious comparisons to many in this local crowd and Obama supporters.

    Run a completely negative campaing…then do exactly what you criticize the other guy for…but say it is OK to do the exact same thing because you are the “good guys”. LOL…

  17. You can see that those Nygren/Zinke and Harrison crowd are still poor losers.

  18. Please!! Stop giving Dum Dum something to respond to-oh,it, he spouts off even when he knows nothing-never mind.

    Mr. Prim could poop on the front lawn of the courthouse and Dum Dum would think he’s trying to help fertalize the lawn.

    GREAT choice Mr. Prim. Joe Alger is a standup man, period.

  19. Butseriouslynow’s 10:16am post is spot on and clearly accurate.

    Hard to take the morale high ground on patronage and cronyism when your regime does the same thing…

  20. “AZsupporter” You are the real Dum Dum.

    The fact is, you supported Zinke and that demonstrates how DUMB you really are.

    Was that choice motivated by politics and corruption, or just shear stupidity, or both?

    Just asking.

    Yep, those Nygren, Zinke and Harrison crowd are the “BIGGEST LOSERS”

  21. Word on the street is Harrison kept his signs as he has plans to run the States Attorneys office…….lol…lol…lol…lol……lol…lol….

    He has never disclosed those famous land records.


    Are you hiding something?

    Just asking. He was part of the Nygren and Zinke entourage, and McHenry County has had enough of that.

  22. Campaigning early boys?

    Or, are you just bitter because the appropriate candidate, Bill Prim, won?

    News flash, the “REGIME” no longer has power in McHenry County!

  23. I find it exasperating when I read such snide innuendos about persons character’s especially when they are made by wimpy little jerks who won’t even use their own names……..

    Yes Eric C and connecting dots..I mean you…..

    If you man up and use your own names then I might listen, until then, go back in the closet where you belong…

    I have met both Schuch and McNamara both are stand up guys …

    who can say that about you?

  24. ‘butseriouslynow” Can’t be taken seriously.

    He’s one of those contributors for the book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

  25. Hey Dum Dum, yes, I did indeed back Mr. Zinke as I thought he the best man for the job.

    Others didn’t, and they won.

    Oh well, doo-doo occurs.

    It’s called majority wins-I also lost the past two presidential elections, as did our nation.

    I thought that this article was about Joe Alger, and true American Hero supporter, and,BTW, a trucking business owner/operator.

    Got anything stupid to say about that Dum Dum? Waiting for a game show comment next.

  26. It’s not something have to explain. Just keep proving that you are ignorant as you are unable to figure it out. Sorry don’t have time to lead the hogs to the trough.

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