Mary McClellan Sanctioned by Federal Judge

In her former job, McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan was a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney.

Now comes the Chicago Tribune reporting on Federal Judge John F. Grady’s ruling that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office “‘acted in bad faith’ during a civil rights case filed against Chicago police and the city.”

This resulted in a sanction that the paper says could cost Cook County taxpayers an extra $35,000 in legal fees.

McClellan figure prominently in the story:

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan, an assistant state’s attorney who represented the office for a portion of the case, was also sanctioned by Grady for “recklessly adhering to the position” in court that the misdemeanor case files did not exist.

McClellan, who worked in the office’s civil rights division, said she was relaying in court what she was told about the office’s record-keeping policies. McClellan said at one point she personally sifted through hundreds of files in search of the 2008 files and could not find them.

McClellan, who left the state’s attorney’s office earlier this year after being elected McHenry County clerk, said she was “disturbed” by the court’s decision.

“I pride myself on being an attorney and being honest and being forthright,” she said. “As an attorney, you take the position that you advocated for our client, but you always have ethical obligations as an individual, which I take very seriously.”

A spokesperson for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said, according to the Tribune,

“While there may have been a misunderstanding or mistake made with respect to record-keeping in this particular case, we believe that Ms. McClellan had a good faith basis to believe that her statements to the court were truthful.”


Mary McClellan Sanctioned by Federal Judge — 4 Comments

  1. Be forewarned. McClellan AND her husband count your votes!

    You can read the entire Tribune article here:

    My experience with McClellan is that even if she does not know the facts, imho she will pretend she does.

    This is scary to me knowing she is in charge of the election process in McHenry County.

    I wonder what her husband’s credentials are for working on counting your votes?

  2. McClellan doesn’t count your votes, a bunch of old people do that work for less the minimum-wage and in-service of their country.

    Connecting dots, I hope you keep enjoying your tinfoil.

    Mary McClellan is a very nice lady and you should be ashamed for personally attacking her.

  3. It did not take this “nice person” very long to bring her Cook County politics to McHenry County.

    Claiming budget cuts, she fired long time employees in the Clerk’s office and hired her husband.

    Ever hear of nepotism?

    That is using a political office for personal gain.

  4. Hey at least her husband doesn’t have any convictions surrounding violently attacking women or driving drunk.

    Better than another recent county crony hire.

    Still a crony hire from the “new blood” that promised a fresh start in this county.

    I suppose by fresh start they meant lower ethics and less accountability.

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