Hill/Miller Submitted No Doctor’s Notes for Remote County Board Access

John Hammerand

John Hammerand

Earlier this month John Hammerand was denied the opportunity to participate by phone in a County Board meeting.

Fellow member Ken Koehler asked whether Hammerand had handed in a note from his doctor, according to the Northwest Herald.

Reading that, I wondered if former McHenry County Board Chairwoman had provided “documentation of [her] medical condition.”

So I filed a Freedom of Information Request asking for

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

“…any medical documentation that has been submitted by those asking to participate in meetings by phone, e.g., each time Tina Hill was in the hospital or in rehab and after Anna May Miller had her vehicle accident.”

I am sure you will find the reply of interest:

Anna Miller

Anna Miller

“Thank you for your Freedom of Information request below in which you are seeking medical documentation submitted by named County Board members who were asking to participate in meetings by telephone.

“No such records have been provided to the County and therefore, there are no records to produce relative to your request.”

You can read the roll call and the emails exchanged on the subject here. Hill and Miller are among the ten “No” votes.


Hill/Miller Submitted No Doctor’s Notes for Remote County Board Access — 7 Comments

  1. John, I know you read this, so here’s some good but unsolicited advice.

    Drop it.

    Call your toadie, Mike Walkup, and politely request that he drop it as well.

    The longer you drag this out, the politically worse it will be for you.

    Do you really want to be remembered as the county board member who tried to shoehorn his annual Florida vacation into an ADA exception?

    Even if you are in the right, the optics of this move are terrible.

    Drop it and get back to the things you do well.

  2. Seems like a double standard.

    Tina Hill and Anna Miller don’t need doctors notes, but John Hammerand needs a doctors note.

    So are Ken Koehler, Joe Gottemoller, Tina Hill, and Anna Miller aligned together politically?

  3. rawdogger – How about everyone on the Board is treated equally and with respect?

    Silencing a voice because you do not like the opinion is not good government.

  4. I agree with rawdogger. Hammerand is part of those misfits who obstruct in the name of the people, or “the taxpayer”.

    This group is not good for McHenry County.

  5. To see the increasing double standards and blatant political patronage in the past month and a half makes me almost feel sorry for some of the naive locals who thought they were voting for an upstart group that was going to put an end to such shenanigans.


  6. No room for a double standard. Is the McHenry county board trying to catch up to Cook county?
    It does make me laugh though.

  7. Treat Hammerand like everybody else ….

    What’s so problematic w/ that?

    Cornhead Draffkorn will be made to pay for disenfranchising her own constituents w/ her bonehead vote on excluding Hammerand.

    That stupid, vindictive move WON’T be forgotten.

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