McHenry County Right to Carry Association Outlines Spring Plans

Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry County Right To Carry Association, sends the following message:

McHenry County Right to Carry logoCan you believe the sweeping successes of the November elections?

If you carried your load then to you I say, “well done”.

If you think you could have done more, lets rock and roll together.

I know these topics can grow tiresome, but the alternative is by no means a commensurate tradeoff.

You wonder where do we go from here?

Well that is a perfect question.

IGOLD 2015 (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) is a few short months off.

Last year 8,200 freedom loving soul’s converged on our States’ capital to be heard, this year it is on March 18th.

Let us give our new Governor and legislators a warm welcome.

Our Concealed carry law is better than none, and far better than many, but it does require serious attention.

For example, your right to self protection does not vanish because you board a bus or walk into a so called “no gun zone” or “kill zone”, as we call them.

The fees are some of the highest in the country.

This may not be an issue for some, but for many folks spending hundreds of dollars for the ability to defend them self is not only too much, but sadly not feasible. Let’s get this squared away, right away.

During IGOLD will be hearing from esteemed author and teacher, Col. Dave Grossman. He is an authority on combating violence. It is worth the drive alone to see him, as it can cost hundred to attend one of his seminars.

Buses will be heading south, bright and early from our usual spot at the Woodstock VFW hall. Go to our events page for sign up info.

On another note, we will be branching out this year into more hands on training than we have done in the past. Our continued efforts of public education and awareness will continue, but our leadership team has decided to conduct more training classes for members. Topics will include;

  • Weapons for Concealed Carry
  • Holsters-What do I buy and how do I use it?
  • Dry fire training-It’s a marksman’s best friend.
  • Statistically most self defense situations occur in low to no light, are you prepared for this?
  • Arguing the merits of concealed carry without being argumentative. We’ve all met the guy at a party that made sure you knew how right he was in his beliefs, let’s not be that guy. Telling someone how wrong they are does nothing but make their mind close even tighter. No one wins. If we are to grow we need to be better communicators of our ideals, sorry its a fact. Now I am that guy.

There is some additional info below, not because it is any less important. On the left is some info from our friends at Spartan Tactical Training Group. Congratulations to them on 20 years of outstanding training!

Also its a new year so membership dues are due, a link is below. Yep its still an amazing value at only 20 bucks.

We look forward to our continued success and growth through the channels of education, understanding and a combined and directed effort.

My little brother Tom likes to say,  “Charlie-Mike”, which means Continue Mission in radio speak.
So to you I say well done in 2014 and Charlie Mike.

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