Walsh Freedom Getting Involved in Local Races

Found this in a Dave Diersen GOPUSA Illinois email yesterday.

Each day Diersen combs many sources for political articles that folks might enjoy reading. Below is one from yesterday that I think is worth passing on.

You can get on Diersen’s email list just by asking. See the contact button at the bottom left of his main page.
Walsh Freedom headline


AS PROMISED,, there are a number of municipal races around the area where the army of Walsh Freedom Volunteers will get involved starting….TOMORROW!

These candidates have been selected because they have asked for YOUR help and they have signed the Walsh Freedom pledge promising to CUT TAXES, DIMINISH GOVERNMENTS’ ROLE IN OUR LIVES, REDUCE OUR NATIONAL DEBT, RESPECT OUR G-D GIVEN RIGHTS and ACT AS CITIZEN LEGISLATORS.

In essence….they intend to support Freedom!!

Please review the following list and call Barb Babbey, Walsh Freedom Coordinator, at #847-804-2112. Let Barb know if you will walk for candidates, make phone calls for candidates, host a Meet & Greet for a candidate, attend a Meet & Greet for a candidate (and invite your friends) or distribute yard signs.

You can make a HUGE commitment or a little one. We know your time is valuable, but just remember that….. If WE THE PEOPLE do not get involved, then we get the government we deserve!

JULIE SCHMIDT – Elgin City Council Trustee
JASON DUSENBERRY – Elgin City Council Trustee
TOBY SHAW – Elgin City Council Trustee
JEANETTE WARD – U-46 School Board (Elgin Area)
EDWARD NOVAK – U-46 School Board (Elgin Area)
BOB COOK – Village of Wauconda Trustee
JENNIFER FOSNESS – Wauconda School Board District 118
JOHN DYSLIN – Village of Mount Prospect Trustee
FRANK NAPOLITANO.- College of DuPage Trustee
DEANNE MAZZOCHI – College of DuPage Trustee
CHARLES BERNSTEIN – College of DuPage Trustee
RICHARD SKODA – Hinsdale High School District 86
GREG GERSHUNY – Hinsdale High School District 86
FRED CAPPETTA – Hinsdale High School District 86
STEVE ROONEY – Johnsburg School Board District 12
BETTY DAVIS. – McHenry Elementary School Board District 15
JOHN O’NEILL – McHenry Elementary School Board District 15
TITUS MIELKE – Crystal Lake School Board District 155
STEVE BISHOP – Village of Spring Grove Trustee
DIANE BISHOP – Nippersink School Board District 2

Please remember that this is a list that will grow as more candidates reach out for help. Do not hesitate to contact Barb Babbey #847-804-2112 if you are a candidate who believes in Freedom and Limited Government and would like the help of our Walsh Freedom Volunteer Army


Walsh Freedom Getting Involved in Local Races — 4 Comments

  1. That is a counter to the special interests including the public sector unions and helps the public identify conservative candidates.

    Since Jack Roeser’s passing not sure how much his former organizations are involved in assisting candidates.

    Roesers former ChampionNewsOnline videos are still archived on YouTube.


  2. Joe…can’t you add Karen Tirio to that list…we need her on the MCC Board!

  3. So much gor non partisan you piece of dog excrement.

    I see why you were so sounxly defeated in your last run for congress.

  4. Can you please tell me the qualifications of the Wauconda candidates you are putting your energy into – what have they done for our community?

    Have you verified meeting attendance and community involvement?

    Is this just an army of people that works just because they signed your pledge?

    Wauconda wants our neighbors and friends working on grass roots efforts – not folks who are robots for people they don’t even know.

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