End of Year McHenry County Treasurer’s Report

During the last four years of the 1960’s I used to present reports like this to the McHenry County Board.

My report was one legal sized sheet of paper.

There are a lot more funds now.

I thought some might be interested in seeing where McHenry County has money squirreled away and what its proposed use is.

Treas Report 12-14Treas Report 12-14 p2Treas Report 12-14  p3
Treas Report 12-14 p4Treas Report 12-14 p5


End of Year McHenry County Treasurer’s Report — 1 Comment

  1. Why aren’t the citizens of McHenry County calling their officials and asking about this because that means we have been overtaxed.

    All of you blame Quinn, Blagojevch, Obama the democrats but are mouselike in your complaints against officials in this republican county.

    No wonder there are so many foreclosures when we pay such high property taxes and regular peole and senior citizens cannot afford to live here.

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