County Clerk Seeks Pay Changes

GOP candidates for McHenry County Clerk and Treasurer, Mary McClellan and Glenda Miller, respectively, shared a vehicle at the Milk Day Parade.

GOP candidates for McHenry County Clerk and Treasurer, Mary McClellan and Glenda Miller, respectively, shared a vehicle at the Milk Day Parade.

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan is proposing to change job titles and salaries before the County Board’s Human Resources Committee Thursday morning.

The Election Administrative Supervisor, Ed Gil, hired shortly after the new County Clerk took office (see here), would have his title changed to Chief Deputy, if I read the memo (Packet page 19) correctly.

I don’t know anything about the county pay scale, but Gil would go from “hourly, grade 9N” to “exempt, grade 9E.”

The justification says,

“The reclassification of title and grade of the two hourly positions to exempt positions reduces personnel cost in the County’s budget…The overall affect on the County Clerk’s budge is a reduction to the departments personnel cost due to the reclassification of two hourly positions to exempt positions. This request will not cause the fiscal year 2015 budget to be adjusted.”

The accompanying resolution states that  the action is being taken “to reduce the costs of overtime earned in the election process.”

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Another who read the rather confusing memo thinks I misinterpreted it.

The other take is

“Your facts are not quite right on the County Clerk article.

“I believe Mary’s husband has the other position that is being requested (the 10E to 11E) and Linda Fitzgerald has the position you made reference to” [that is, Chief Deputy].


County Clerk Seeks Pay Changes — 9 Comments

  1. The McHenry County Clerk website should clearly explain to taxpayers how Tax Increment Finance Districts work.

    The Cook County Clerk website for instance has much more detailed information about TIFs.

    Cook County Property Tax bills contain what percentage of the property tax bill is going to a TIF District.

    At least if the parcel falls in a TIF district, as this parcel apparently does.

    One of the more confusing aspects of TIFs is how parcels not in the TIF District, yet within a Taxing District that has a parcel in a TIF District, have their taxes hiked.

    That math happens in the County, which is the matchmaker between Taxing Districts and Taxpayers.

  2. He’s qualified for this job solely because he is her husband.

    This is despicable.

  3. Am I correct in saying he earned his living as a truck driver?

    Not saying anything wrong with that, my father did for many years.

    My father would NOT have been qualified for this.

  4. What a horrendous joke.

    Regardless of his qualifications, there is nothing anyone can do, unless some brave soul wants to pass a nepotism ordinance on the county board.

    just an example of why elected officials should not be allowed to hire their family.

    Really, what is the new ‘salary?’

    And does anyone actually think that her husband is actually doing the job?

    Just sick

  5. LOL… First she hires her husband and now she wants to rewrite his job title and make him an exempt employee…

    Between her and Prim you couldn’t have made up a script handing out county taxpayer dollar salaries to political cronies.

    This new political clique in the county masquerading as conservatives are going to put old Cook County to shame.

    Not sure which is worse at this point those practicing the “in your face” political cronyism or their allies hiding their heads in the sand and being complicit in their silence.

    With this new County clique you have to wonder which worse the Crooks or the Cowards.

  6. How many poll watchers can be recruited to cover the upcoming election to practice for the primary and the general election for President next year?

    How many other Operating Engineer employees will she hire to pay for her signs on their property last year?

    People, she got more votes than the other guy!

    You will now pay the price too!

  7. The county clerk has messed up the ballots, among other things, in the primary election going on right now (2016).

    I am an election judge (worked about 15 years at it and am not over the hill) and I’ve never seen such rampant disregard for election laws and procedures.

    The latest today was having a man who said he worked for the company that designed the new software we now use, but who had no employee I. D., deliver PAPER BALLOTS to the polling place for early voting.

    Paper ballots are not standard procedure for Early Voting, touchscreen computerized voting is what we use.

    Second, ballots are never supposed to be handled by the general public.

    Third, blank paper ballots are supposed to be secured with a total certified by the Clerk.

    These were simply shoved into an open paper envelope, not wrapped or secured in any way.

    There was no tally of how many ballots were delivered and no instructions of any kind with them.

    There are no polling booths for voters to fill out these ballots, no Accuvote machines for the voter to feed these ballots into to be tallied and secured, and no other paperwork sent that can be needed when a voter is using a paper ballot.

    When I asked the clerk’s office to explain this sudden introduction of paper ballots for only certain voters halfway through Early Voting, I was given no answer and basically shut down by being told I didn’t need to know, they just had to make “an adjustment.”

    Someone needs to investigate this, as well as other irregularities going on in that office with apparent impugnity.

    And BTW, I can attest to the fact that Ed Gill is incompetent as any sort of IT support person for election purposes.

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