Bill Prim On Track to Save Taxpayers $147,000 by Forgoing Pension

Over $700 a week for four years.

Bill Prim at a fall fundraiser.

Bill Prim at a fall fundraiser at the Red Mill Inn.

That’s what McHenry County taxpayers would be paying to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund if newly-elected Sheriff Bill Prim had decided to take the pension to which he is entitled under Illinois law.

But Prim promised in pretty much every campaign speech that he would not take a county pension if he were elected to office.

And, as was reported yesterday, he hasn’t.

24.6% of every McHenry County law enforcement officer’s salary is paid to IMRF.

Except for Bill Prim’s.

Prim has pointed out that he already has a pension from his service at the Des Plaines Police Department, where he retired as a Commander.


Bill Prim On Track to Save Taxpayers $147,000 by Forgoing Pension — 69 Comments

  1. Isn’t savings kind of a “net” thing. To be actually saving taxpayers as a whole have we added up what the Pension costs of his rash of new hires will cost incrementally?

    I wonder can we find another Sheriff anywhere in the US that handed a taxpayer Law enforcement manager salary and assumed large incremental pension to anyone with as ugly of a criminal record as this Sheriff’s former campaign manager has?

    How many incremental pensions have been handed out to Prim campaign political supporters in the past few months?

    Many are truly curious for answers on many of these questions, but it appears questions are being asked with predetermined political motives.

  2. Thank You Sheriff Prim for saving the tax payers money.

    You have already shown the people of McHenry County that you are a man of your word.

    That is something we are not used to.

  3. Come now, how on earth can you claim “24.6% of every McHenry County law enforcement officer’s salary is paid to IMRF?”

    Under IMRF the contributions of both the employee (and you certainly cannot count those as costs of government) and the department don’t equal 24.6%

    Once again we see numbers thrown out that have no basis in reality.

    For what purpose?

    The actual cost for most LE employers is 12.61% of the employees salary.

    You’re drawing a pension, aren’t you, Cal?

    If so you are stealing it if your fuzzy math is any indication of what you did as State Comptroller.

    Further your statement that EVERY McHenry County law enforcement officer’s salary is paid to IMRF is completely misleading.

    Most municipal law enforcement in McHenry County are covered by downstate police pension funds operated by their pension boards, not the IMRF.

    Trust me, I have no axe to grind with Prim over his decision to forgo the IMRF pension. Actually, I think he should have taken it.

    The Des Plaines pension he earned is his and based on past work.

    He’s working again, for a new employer and he is entitled to the money.

    He’d have to work 8 plus years to vest in the IMRF and if he keeps hiring the likes of McNamara he probably will not see a second term.

  4. “butseriouslynow” Talk about sounding like a broken record.

    Prim is the right guy for the job.

    Now, go bury your head in one of those holes Andy Zinke dug, and give us all a reprieve from all of your nonsense.

    Do us all a favor and don’t come up for air!

  5. The County’s Human Resources Department sent me this email:

    “The County contributes 10.16% for regular IMRF and 24.60% for SLEP.

    “Yes, it’s a percentage of wages.”

    SLEP stands for “Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Personnel.”

  6. Skinner comments back about math, but not McNamara’s hiring…. Interesting…

  7. Attacks on Cal are inexcusable.

    You people who attack Prim on his decisions are a bunch of fools and if you don’t like it then complaining about it over and over will not change something you do not understand.

    You are all broken records.

    Again, lay off Cal, who is the most honorable person out there as he allows your stupid comments to be posted on HIS blog.

    I have a feeling you negative people would win the lottery and then complain that taxes were taken out and that would violate your Constitutional Rights in some way.

  8. 100% right Duncan, Prim is going to change this County !

    If Prim wanted to change the toilet paper in the Sheriff’s department from 2 ply to 1 ply to save money he couldn’t because all the Prim haters and ones that do not approve of his decisions would
    need the extra thickness to wipe their butts because they are so full of s_ _ _.

    And now you are attacking Cal.

  9. I am not surprise about Cal’s silence in regards to the hiring of a convicted criminal by Prim.

    Seriously, Cal used his blog as a propaganda center to promote the new regime (Prim) and to discredit any of their opponents.

    Cal can’t come out now and speak negative about the new regime, he is in too deep.

  10. You political Cheerleaders are kind of funny.

    I don’t care if it’s a big office like Obama, or a small local guy like Prim.

    Accountability doesn’t end when the campaign promises end it actually starts when you get into office.

    So count me as not impressed he didn’t double dip into the pension system when he seems to have handed out significantly more taxpayer salary dollars and pensions than his claimed savings.

    The real question is how many of his political crony hires are double dippers?

  11. We all know Mr. Prim has had no availability to comment on the McNamara hiring or the incidents around the nasty assaults on women or apparent drunk driving…

    But Cal as you are seeming to take up a lead role in in the Prim/Bianchi spin machine, curious if you have time to comment on the hiring of a police supervisor with such an ugly criminal record?

    Are you aware of any other agency that has hired a law enforcement manager whose background included such a criminal record?

  12. Thank you Cal for going to the trouble of operating the Bolg. I know you put a lot of time into putting this together so we can local information.

    Thanks again

  13. Butserious and the other few pathetic Stinky Zinke followers, stop crying. Your pal lost fair and square.

    The citizens of McHenry County spoke and wanted Nygren and Zinke to leave..adios amigos…WAIT A MINUTE, just thought of something.

    If you complain about Mr. McNamara and you refer to him as “ugly of a criminal record”,well what about this.

    Do you happen to know what Nygren supported Sgt’s of McHenry County Sheriffs Office have been arrested before?

    Wow, if you call the other as a ugly criminal record, then what would you call these other guys arrests? .

    Don’t believe me ?

    Check the criminal arrest files from the State of Wisconsin and lets see what these SGT’s were arrested for ?..

    Wow, and still Nygren kept them on…

    And lets not forget the lady that was punched by a intoxicated off duty MCSO Sgt. (same Sgt as the arrest in Wisconsin).

    And how about the others ?

    ……So again, stop your crying.

    MCSO will benefit tremendously from Mr. McNamara law enforcement experience and training, the Deputies all ready love him and support him.

    Now, let’s talk about that word ‘Amigo”?

    ….nygen ya no zacatecas conexión dinero ja ja ..

  14. “butseriouslynow” a little birdie that sat on a Birch and then a Twigg told me that you are one of those who have eaten way too many chocolate donuts with a cherry on top…..

    They say you are a big a………s……..

    Now, we all know why Nygren gave you all of his hand me down chairs, as they are they only place you can sit while wearing your dunnce cap, while you work on all of those railroads.

    Just so you know, ‘butseriouslynow” it’s a broken record.

    Cal, the community couldn’t reform McHenry County and fight corruption without you!

  15. Butseriousnow..You asked the question if anyone was aware of any other department that hired?

    ..Well, Karma my friend just slapped you in the ass.

    Nygren hand picked boy, promoted to Sgt and assigned with Stinky Zinke..

    What horrific crimes did this Sgt commit..

    Sgt Pyle ring a bell with you ?

    After a bulletin is issued via Illinois State Police Emergency Network (ISPERN) looking for Sgt Pyle, what does Nygren do ?….

    It’s only a family problem he tells the citizens of McHenry.

    Really ?

    Just a family problem ?

    Then lets talk about the Rt 173 incident ?

    Or lets talk about the incident at Casey’s cabin ?

    Or lets talk about Leah Lane, Woodstock incident?

    Or lets talk about the fire incident ?

    You know just as i do that these type of incidents will not be tolerated under Sheriff Prim now.

    So again, stop your crying and move on.

  16. Facts, Duncan, et all,

    Nygren is GONE!

    Zinke is GONE!

    So you can bring up Pyle, or Leah Lane or whatever so called incidents you want to bring up.

    The fact is, Prime is HERE! Now! In this moment! Prim’s In office and needs to be held accountable or at least account for his actions. He hired a guy with a checkered history. He needs to start being available for comment and so do his supporters like Cal Skinner, you can only stick your head in the sand for so long….

    And I voted for Prim because that’s who it seemed the department wanted running the show, I’m feeling duped.

  17. Yes Voter, when it comes to Prim’s shenanigans, we all need more than 2 ply toilet paper.

  18. I became a Harrison supporter only after the primary when I learned that Prim had Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch (convicted violent criminals) were key members in the Prim team, and also that his biggest financial supporter was indicted TWICE!

    I know its hard Duncan with all your ranting, but try to get the facts straight.

  19. Eric, unlike you, I have the facts straight and the reason you are brown is because you are full of Sh…..t!

    You lack credibility and the only ones buying your boat load of cr….p are you and the “REGIME”

    You won’t be needing just two ply toilet paper, go ahead Eric go buy your pallets of your favorite TP, but for everyones sake, leave town.

    Just so you know Eric, your sh…t does stink!

  20. Send those no good sacks of sh…t Linder and Lowery my regards.

    Whatsa matter they retired from the railroads or are they still working behind the scenes with those ugly, blood sucking, back stabbing, scumbags from the regime?.

    Boy, that Pillsbury “DOUGH” Boy must have made a lot of money because of the likes of you.

    No wonder, you are all fat and happy, it’s all of that dough and popcorn!

  21. Mr. Ricardo Pagan is in charge of Police Operations.

    Matt is not…

    Mr. Pagan worked for the FBI….

    That means” The Federal Bureau of Investigations” if he doesn’t care, why should you…..

    all you Prim haters…answers to your questions have been answered, your security clearance level is on a need to know basis, and you have been told what you need to know

    Harrison probably would have hired Zinke as an undersheriff….what would you say to that ?

    Zinke, well, what can I say, was Zinke, thank God he lost

    Prim is the new Sheriff, qualified beyond a doubt, with well qualified and experienced people working with him

    David Devane answered your questions on the hiring of Matt, there is your transparency, no hiding in the sand

    Now you want Cal and everyone and their brothers to argue with you, just so you can use this blog as your soapbox

    Rant somewhere else, to people who care. Do not comment on things you don’t understand
    Zinke lost, Harrison lost, get over it..

    you wouldn’t be happy if God himself was Sheriff, you’d find fault with the three wise men ( nothing satisfies the defeated )

  22. Happy, don’t you know that the Prim haters thought Nygren,Zinke and Harrison were the three wise men.

  23. No confusion here, Matt McNamara was hired as the deputy chief of patrol at the sheriff’s office and he is a convicted violent criminal.

    Whatever or which way the new regime tries to twist the facts, the facts remain the same.

    Matt McNamara is a convicted violent criminal.

  24. Eric – are you getting your info from the anti Prim crowd.

    Just because they say it does not make it true.


    The convicted violent criminal phrase you use DOES NOT APPLY.

    Rear-ending someone in an accident is also a misdemeanor.

    You sound like “chicken little” – the sky is falling.

    You either DO NOT HAVE A CLUE or just a hater using different names to spew mis information.

    Either case GET A LIFE!!!!!

  25. PS- “CRIMINAL” would never have been cleared to be a body guard to Gingrich and Rauner.

    GET A CLUE!!

  26. McNamara was convicted of a misdemeanor assault,a violent crime James.

  27. Linder and Lowery, it’s just a matter of time guys, before the people have justice!

    Did you know that pedophiles are considered the lowest on the totem pole, even in prison?

    Yes, you both knew.

    Did you know that letting children be repeatedly sexually assaulted, is a crime, even if one of those kids happens to be the relative of one of your friends?

    Just saying!

    You both know what I am talking about!

  28. Eric, “MR BROKEN RECORD” Prim is the right candidate for the job.

    News Flash! Matt McNamara is old news.

    I support Prim’s decision.

    And, your rantings about Matt are meaningless!

    Your rantings, have no impact on anyone, except to make you look like a bitter person, who can’t accept loss.

    Get over it, and move on.

  29. “the facts state” none of the people you mentioned were hired with criminal records…in fact in the most heinous case you mentioned the man was gone before he was convicted. The clear concise question remains, can anyone name a single law enforcement agency that has hired anyone who had such an ugly criminal record when they were hired as a law enforcement supervisor? Just one? Or is the Prim hire the worse example of hiring a law enforcement supervisor with a criminal record anyone can find anywhere?

  30. I am always entertained by the political lemmings whose only defense to defend their boss is “hey he won the election, so no one should criticize anything thing he does”. These few Prim apologists are worse than any of the Obamabots I have ever debated.

  31. I mean he comes in from a history in from a scandal plagued department in Cook County, apparently thinks turning down one pension and adding a handful more equals savings, appoints a manager with an ugly criminal record that he can’t be found to comment on, and his followers just keep saying he won so taxpayers should just shut up. Sad how the once promising Tea Party movement has been hijacked by Obama clones.

  32. “butseriouslynow” the Regime is gone, except for you and your little entourage of sour grapes….lol…lol…lol… Prim will do great things for this county, and you won’t see him or any of his guys escorting trucks containing literally tons of marijuana into Rita corporation. And, you won’t see them commiserating with the corrupt leaders of the local 150. You are beating a dead horse, and frankly you sound like nothing but a poor loser who can’t accept that we got rid of the Zinke and Nygren Circus. Now let’s focus on things like police officers who knowingly and willingly allow kids to continue to be sexually assaulted and then do nothing about it, because the predators happen to be related to their friends. It’s called cronyism and being complicit in a crime. Or, let’s talk about L & L from the CLPD, railroading our States Attorney. That is not the first time, I have witnessed similar scenarios with people being victimized, falsely charged, falsely arrested and falsely prosecuted and the includes other police officers who refuse to partake in their games. The only difference is, the names of the victims being railroaded have changed. The victim list is long and wide. So quit your wining, you big baby!

  33. but seriously now, the broken record. Blah blah blah blah blah You have repeated and repeated yourself over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. l.o.l. Give it up

  34. Oh you two peas in a pod… You are the only ones living in the past. Prim is the Sheriff now. His office seems to have hired a criminally convicted Police commander…and all you to can do is play the old tired “blame Bush” game. Step out of the past, stop your whining that your messiah now is developing a record to be questioned, and encourage him to stop hiding from his own decisions for the past few weeks. Does he plan to be unavailable to comment for 4 full years? Mr. Transparency, lol.

  35. Say Duncan… this new quote of yours is an interesting one, you said “Or, let’s talk about L & L from the CLPD, railroading our States Attorney.” Railroading seems to imply that the CLPD is accusing our States Attorney of a crime? That seems pretty serious. Do you have the courage of your convictions to clarify. Or are you the the typical Prim supporting, mud slinging, imply guilt through vague implication, who won’t actually make a clear accusation lemming we all suspect. lol…

  36. see the clear difference is I speak to clear facts and ask that questions be answered about those facts by our elected officials…the Prim supporters here tend to throw out vague mudslinging implications without the courage to accuse anyone by name of anything directly.

  37. Bottom line, our Sheriff played semantics with this McNamara hiring. First McNamara was his campaign manager the, when Harrison outted him, he “disappeared” from the front line and our Sheriff contended McNamara wasn’t going to be Undersheriff yet became Deputy Chief of Patrol…It’s called semantics folks and it’s a lie and it’s wrong. In no other law enforcement agency in the county, has a convicted violent offender who not only beat people but received a DUI and lied about their position, been hired. Now, instigate and insinuate all you want about what LEOs have done-fact remains none of them went to trial and were convicted whilst active duty LEOs. And none of them were given legitimacy by being thrust into Administration after convictions…I wonder if McNamara is still certified as a Peace Officer…(

  38. My final point, thanks for saving $147,000 but too bad it came at the cost of the image, dignity and pride of the MCSO in continuing the very type of Crook County-esque patronage and cronyism that your implied platform rallied against. It is telling that the Sheriff, the head and CEO of the Department and one responsible for McNamara’s hiring, hasn’t answered for this hiring–he put his subordinate out there to answer for it…Not only that, but how can ANY employee be compelled to keep any semblance of moral high ground when the DC of Patrol is a convicted batterer (of women much less…), drunk driver and liar (having claimed employ by Chicago PD when he wasn’t)???? On a side note, I heard when Blago gets out of prison, he’ll be looking for a job…perhaps, since everyone deserve second chances, one will pop up around here.

  39. Hey people out there, does anyone know that “but seriously” and “really” do not like Sheriff Prim and Matt McNamara? l.o.l.

    Yes, we all do and we hear this over and over.

    You both repeat the same things like no one understands what you are saying.

    So how many times do you keep saying the same old thing.

    We get it you don’t like the decision that was made.

    so what

  40. I am not a bitter person. I am in a state of shock that a convicted violent criminal was hired as the deputy chief of patrol at the sheriff’s office. I am dumbfounded, who in their right mind would hire a convicted criminal to be deputy chief of patrol at any law enforcement agency?

    What really blows my mind is that my tax dollars is paying this convicted criminal’s salary that I question his behavior subject to his past criminal history.

    And speaking of old news Duncan, I have a News Flash for you:

    Prim is making Zinke look pretty good as he puts nails in his career, and I think you Prim supporters know it, which is causing all of you to panic with these asinine excuses to justify Prim’s idiotic behavior.

  41. Figure this.How many people voted and still support Prim and all we find is 3, just 3 num-nuts who continue their laughable points of view.

    Prim has keep his promises about not taking a pension and continues to look out for the residents of McHenry County and changing the Sheriff’s department to something we can all be proud of.

  42. Let me start by saying I supported Prim.

    I am extremely disappointed that he started by firing two administrators in the jail on his first day so he could hire two of his buddies.

    He denounced McNamara as being an integral part of his election group and then hires him despite his criminal, albeit misdemeanor arrests.

    Once again, a person trying to get hired as a deputy or police officer anywhere would not be considered with that history.

    Finally, despite this very controversial hiring, Mr. Prim has not commented publicly.

    He is accountable for his decisions and should come out of his office and defend this atrocious decision.

    He is as absent as Nygren

  43. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  44. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s a dead horse……

  45. Cal!! Where you at buddy ⌚️ Tic toc, tic tic, the story broke about Mac and you’ve still remained silent!

  46. What?

    “Prim is changing the Sheriff’s department to something we can all be proud of”

    Now that is laughable!!!!!

    If you consider hiring a convicted violent criminal at the sheriff’s office to be something to be proud of, I must question your sanity Voter.

    Or unless something funny is going on that we don’t know about.

  47. Funny thing is Duncan and crew have yet to address the fact that Pagan replaced Zinke, Devane replaced Sedlock and convict McNamara replaced…no one. I guess the commanders reverted back to Lts…but Miller’s still on board so now there’s more weight at the top. What is Miller doing now? So now MCSO is plus one (not just the convict, but Miller makes plus one Lieutenant) Is Cedergren still there? Nice way to save money, because I’m sure Miller is raking in nearly $100k as an Lt…

    No broken record Duncan–not anymore than your inane ramblings about a property venture that you could get answers from via a well placed and worded FOIA–but I guess it’s easier to just insinuate and instigate than to actually find out more about that land deal.

    McNamara is ions beyond that Woodstock land purchase and certainly much farther reaching. So deny and deflect all you want-it doesn’t change a thing. Sheriff played with semantics and back doored a violent convict into the Sheriff’s Office-while passing on his pension but has added to the Department’s Administration. I think I summed up the first few months pretty well.

  48. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The horse died a long time ago….lol….

  49. Ride on Duncan, ride on….lol. I love the hippocracy of it all. If you had anything, answer and shut me up. Until then, you’re just trolling and have to have the last word.

  50. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It’s not coming up for air either…lol…….you are so pathetic!

  51. Duncan–file the FOIA, get the land purchase contract and post. I’m breathing fine-you’re just incapable of saying anything but the mindless mantra that your golden child is in office so everyone should just sip the tea and be happy. FOIA the land deal and post or you’re just a trolling poseur….who has to have the last word…lol…your continued rants make you manic…

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