What County Board Wants from Springfield & Washington

On Friday, February 13th, the McHenry County Board’s Legislative Committee will consider what to ask our legislators for.

The general McHenry County Legislative Policy states:

  1. Support legislation granting additional permissive authorities for counties
  2. Support legislation allowing counties to expand non-property tax revenue sources.
  3. Oppose unfunded mandates imposed by the state or federal government.
  4. Oppose legislation that would reduce the existing authority of county government.
  5. Oppose legislation that erodes the existing County revenue base.
  6. Support legislation that benefits the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of McHenry County.

Specifically, the report to be considered asks the General Assembly and Governor

Valley Hi

Valley Hi

  • to allow county staff to transfer funds between “Contractual” and “Commodity” funds administratively
  • to allow the County Board to pass a noise ordinance  (only Home Rule Units can now)
  • with regard to Valley Hi, the Board would like to be able to spend down the surplus (now almost $40 million) without losing the ability to levy the tax (approved by referendum) in the future
  • to enact a ban on coal tar
  • to encourage an interchange on the Tollway with Route 23

The following transportation projects are on the County’s wish list:

Metra commuter train

Metra commuter train

  • finish the improvement of Route 31 from Crystal Lake to McHenry, including a bike trail
  • widen Route 47 from Huntley to Woodstock with a similar side path
  • widen Route 47 in Woodstock
  • bring Metra commuter service to Johnsburg

The County seeks the following from Federal legislators and bureaucrats:

  • require the collection of sales tax on internet and mail order sales
  • continue the tax exemption on municipal bonds
  • continue income and property tax deductions for income tax purposes
  • continue mortgage interest deductions for income tax purposes
  • reauthorize the Federal Transportation subsidies
  • Federal assistance in extending fiber optic cable in western and northern McHenry County
  • expanded efforts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to put resources “on the ground” the locally to assist with Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge
  • funds to replace Sheriff’s radio dispatch equipment, body-cameras and new in-car video equipment
  • ban coal tar
  • funds for Stormwater Management to complete the comprehensive watershed and flood mitigation plans for the Lower Nippersink Creek Watershed and the Upper Fox River Watershed
  • Opposed Definition Change in “Waters of the United States.  Proposal “opens up farms and other private property to EPA regulation and intrusion, such as farm ponds, storm drains, and other non-navigable water bodies. These regulatory changes will have wide ranging effects on everything from construction to agriculture.”


What County Board Wants from Springfield & Washington — 1 Comment

  1. Why are they asking for a ban on coal tar and on what information are they basing their opinion?

    If the county wants to stop the use of it at their facilities that fine but don’t set unenforceable rules on the rest of us based on sketchy science

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