Republican Love Affair with Paula Yensen Expires

Paula Yensen

Paula Yensen

The McHenry County Board’s Public Health and Human Services Committee interviewed applicants for the Mental Health Board Thursday.

There were four applicants, including former Democratic Party District 5 member Paula Yensen.

Yensen was nominated by District 3 member Don Kopsell, but no one seconded his nomination.

The committee recommended reappointment of Crystal Lake City Council member Cathy Ferguson, a counselor who argued against cutting penalties for marijuana use in that Home Rule city.

Bruce Treadway, owner of Caring Transitions, was recommended to fill one of the two other vacancies.

There was no recommendation for the third opening.

New applicants will be sought.

Members of the committee are

  • Mary McCann, Chairman
  • Anna May Miller, Vice-Chairman
  • Donna Kurtz
  • Donald Kopsell
  • Chuck Wheeler
  • Member Michael Rein
  • Member Larry Smith

Donna Kurtz was not at the meeting.  A commenter says that Anna May Miller was not either.


Republican Love Affair with Paula Yensen Expires — 11 Comments

  1. Anna May Miller was not at that meeting.

    The only thing you can conclude from that additional fact is that she wasn’t there to second the motion or to cast a vote.

    But then you couldn’t use your provocative headling, right?

  2. Is ‘Say What’ intimating that Anna May would have seconded the motion?

    Does this mean that Anna May and Don support Democrats?

    Just asking, but then Anna May did advertise for Chirikos did she not?

  3. Do ya think the NEW McHenry County GOP may actually be having a positive influence on what a Republican actually is?

  4. She won’t be satiated until she has ALL the government jobs.

    That’s why she should have none.

  5. Kopsell is wide awake. I cannot say the same for the people who voted for him. He does whatever the Millers tell him to.

  6. Paula Yensen is nothing but a mouthpiece for her husband Mike Bissett who is pretty much an underemployed wannabe.

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