Former Coroner Marlene Lantz Indicted

The Northwest Herald is reporting that former McHenry County Coroner Marlene Lantz has been indicted.

The paper’s headline is

Former McHenry County coroner indicted on official misconduct, forgery charges

Marlene Lantz

Marlene Lantz

By all means, read the article, which can be found here.

Lantz retired in 2012.

Dr. Anne Majewski, not Lantz’ choice as successor, ran unopposed for the office.

Lantz supported Independent Jim Harrison in the General Election against Republican winner Bill Prim.

There is no indication how long ago the investigation began.

In 2008, she beat Democratic Party candidate David Bachmann, who is now writing McHenry County Secrets.

She has contributed $3,197.20 to the following politicians and PACs:

  • State’s Attorney Gary Pack
  • Republican Central Comm of McHenry County
  • McHenry County Chairman’s Circle
  • Committee to Elect Pamela K Palmer
  • Citizens to Elect Sheriff Nygren
  • Citizens to Elect James T (Jim) Harrison Sheriff of McHenry County
  • Citizens To Elect Ann Hughes

Details can be found here.

The largest amounts went to

  • the GOP Central Committee – $1,060.20
  • Jim Harrison–$702

If convicted of a felony related to her official duties, Lantz would lose her Illinois Municipal Retirement System (IMRF) pension.


Former Coroner Marlene Lantz Indicted — 20 Comments

  1. In 2008, I all but begged the powers that be in McHenry County to support the fact that their GOP partner, Coroner Lantz, was inept.

    Recall the death rate at the “Woodstock Residence” nursing home, had more than ‘doubled’ in less than half the time from previous years, and yet Lantz, not one time, could have been bothered to get out of her cushy bed in McHenry, to go down to the nursing home to pull toxicology.

    Not one single time!

    Yet, all laughed with NW Herald editor Kevin Lyon’s publicly libeled (labeled) me, “The most prolific conspiracy theorist in McHenry County.”

    Maybe now you all see why then Sheriff Keith Nygren wrote that ‘political hit piece’ on me just days prior to the 2008, election. “BOTH” had things to hide and I knew what they were but nobody would believe me.

    The truth always comes out folks.

    I told you the truth!

    I’ve always told you the truth!

  2. I cannot stop giggling.

    I know its wrong to revel in the misfortunes of another, but I cannot help it.

    Heellloooooo kharma.

  3. Well, well, Lantz, Gary Pak, Nygren and Harrison.

    Does this sound familiar?

  4. How much more will be uncovered?

    Hmmm, just a matter of time.

    The corruption runs deep, in McHenry County.

    It’s difficult for most people to comprehend the truth, unless they have lived it like you and others David.

    Organized Crime and the mafia has existed for decades in our community.

    It is the real deal, and it is much larger than the days of “Greylord” when lawyers, police officers and Judges were indicted, prosecuted and sentenced for corruption in the Chicago Judicial system.

    During the years of 89-90 and later many witnessed court officials being sentenced for corruption via the evening news.

    I knew at that time, that corruption existed in our County and was here to remain unless we changed the leadership of our Mchenry County government officials.

    We have already begun to do that with Bill Prim.

    However, the people must also do their part by participating the crusade in the fight against corruption and once again make Illinois a place we can be proud of to live and raise our children.

  5. I have personal reasons to detest this woman.

    I don’t think she is very smart or in possession of any integrity.

    My run in goes back to the early eighties and I’m still upset by her ineptness.

  6. Maybe now the questionable “weak-handed suicides” will be revisited.

  7. All of Lantz’s sub rosa work, on County time, for her fellow LGBT and pro-abortion “activists” is what I pray will be investigated!

  8. All of records that this women touched, should be viewed as questionable.

  9. I think some of these charges may have to be changed…. a little more than official misconduct I would say.

    I hope Cal enters the new findings.

  10. If you hit the above link it won’t work because I don’t know how to put a link on the blog.

    You’ll have to either put it in yourself or go to the paper for May 18th.


  11. that baby was alive and died from suffocation why wouldn’t Lantz say it was a homicide and investigate after she did the autopsy?

  12. Guess who was at the court appearance May 11 with Lantz, our good old friend Jim Harrison.

  13. Cal I just e-mailed you two articles. I don’t know how I missed these.

  14. I think it is terrible that the citizens of McHenry County have to pay for the defense of this heartless person.

    Northwest Herald reported that two more babies were found and not buried.

    More charges were added to Lantz.

    Her attorney will make sure we pay a lot for her defense .

    Lantz has no heart.

    Hearing was June, I think the 24th.

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