Free Food at Nunda Twp. Hall Every Friday at 10

Should have gotten this up earlier.

If you know anyone who could use food–meat, dry goods, dairy, fruits, vegetables, desserts, bread–please suggest they go to the Nunda Township Hall on Friday mornings.

Food truck pallet near lift snow

The food is provided by local supermarkets including Jewel, Meyer, WalMart. It is delivered by the Northern Illinois Food Bank and distributed by the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake.

A truck from the Northern Illinois Food Bank arrives about noon in the morning.

There is a sign-in sheet to determine the order of access, but, even if one arrives late, food is still available.

Nunda Twp map
There is always more bread than can be given away.


Free Food at Nunda Twp. Hall Every Friday at 10 — 13 Comments

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  2. What is the address and what town is this located. Mchenry, or crytsal lake.

  3. Is the food truck still going on every friday since this is a new year?

  4. With Christmas and New Year’s Day being on Friday, the food distribution was curtailed.

    It will resume Friday.

  5. Hi.Was up and down bay road today. couldnt find it.

    Any landmarks as to where I should turn?

    Is this also where to fill out paper work for assistance?

    I talked to someone yesterday but they didnt say it would be hard to find.

    Sorry for any inconvience.

    Would appreciate help.

    Dont live around that area.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend. Kim Shanahan

  6. Kim, from the west, take 176 east to Walkup.

    Turn north on Walkup, to Pleasant Hill Road,just north of Prairie Ridge HS.

    Turn east on Pleasant Hill Rd. Just over RR tracks, turn north on Bay Rd. Not far–the Township building will be on the right, you’ll see trucks, and just north of that building is smaller building with a parking lot above it on a hill.

    Go there, you’ll be glad you went!

    They have a tremendous selection of great food.

  7. We will be, but there will probably be less food than usual because the Northern Illinois Food Bank is taking the day off.

  8. I drove a friend of mine to this – it was great!!!

    Well, the food was great, fresh meat and produce!

    However, the way it was run was a little backwards, we got there at 10:00 put our name on a list – the truck didn’t show up till 12:30 – then they didn’t call the people who had been there the longest first – they picked numbers out of a hat and if that was your number when you signed in you got to go pick stuff out to take home.

    However, we didn’t get called till it was damn near 2:00 and after we had complained because we had driven from Genoa City, WI and Richmond, IL and we had to leave soon because my friends kids got off the bus at 3:30!

    We watched as people who didn’t even show up till noon (well after us) got their numbers drawn and got to go before us!

  9. It’s now at Algonquin Township on Route 14 between Route 31 and Cary.

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