Sheriff’s Vehicles — 18 Comments

  1. With the years and miles these vehicles have on them ,I am surprised the cars even run

  2. How often are these cars replaced?

    Looks like their maint dept earns their money and the deputies take care of the cars.

  3. Ha! I mean Learned..I thought you were posting with a real name…

  4. Maybe if the Sheriff’s department had newer vehicles they could cut down on the amount of maintenance people and save money.

  5. What happened to Nygren’s special, custom-made wiener mobile?????

  6. Funny about those diesel KLR650s- DoD surplus from the USMC.

    They were dual sport bikes, equipped with speedometers and odometers.

    Even a brand new bike with set up an break-in will have a few miles on the odometer.

    0 miles is an impossibility, unless the bikes are parked at upper Midwest vacation homes, and there’s no way to confirm the actual mileage.

  7. Why did the sheriff have multiple 650 cc dirt bikes that they didn’t use?

  8. Looks like that was a Zinke/Nygren thing, I bet Prim is finding a lot of things

  9. Notice 634-638 Kowasaki.

    They are snowmobiles. Hmmmmmm

    If they are not at the Sheriffs Department, you might want to check Nygrens home in Wisconsin…lol…

  10. I’m glad to see that the Deputy Chief of Patrol was issued a vehicle. The list does not say if it is a marked or unmarked unit. Hopefully it’s marked which may motivate him to stay out of bars which in turn should prevent him from beating up women in a bar or from driving drunk. Then again when he was arrested for DUI he falsely stated he was a cop in an attempt to get out of it, so at least for the next time he won’t be lying….

  11. Give it up already people……..

    Cal I thought you said there would be no more comments on the Sheriff’s transition.

    Your negative comments are not going to change things, so you’re a broken record.

  12. voter, broken record? You’re a hypocrite to the max. You constantly bring up Nygren and Zinke-who have vacated their offices and are long gone yet posters can’t bring up the 1 month old story that the sitting Sheriff has yet to publicly answer…You are too funny…

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