Sheriff’s Spending Down $2 Million First Three Months

A press release from McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim:


March 2, 2015 With just a quarter of the fiscal year gone by, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office has already cut spending by $2.4 million versus the previous Administration over the same three-month period, Sheriff Bill Prim noted Monday.

When he took office last Dec. 1, Prim immediately inherited a budget smaller by about $1 million than the previous fiscal year (2014).

Since then, the Sheriff’s Office has not just met the new, lower benchmark in a single quarter, but more than doubled the amount it needed to cut from the annual budget.

Total MCSO expenditures at the close of the quarter stood at roughly $6.3 million, while the same budget period last year saw expenditures of $8.7 million, a difference of $2.4 million.

In order to stay within the budget for the year, a savings of about $1.02 million needs to be recorded, and that has already been accomplished.

In fact, the savings have come in more than double what was needed.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“Budget figures may ebb and flow depending on many factors, and there may be unforeseen challenges that either speed up or slow down our progress for the rest of the fiscal year, but we are doing well out of the starting gate,” Prim said.

“We are working to achieve the maximum effective deployment of taxpayer dollars across all sectors of the Sheriff’s Office, and the results, while still early, are encouraging.”

One critical factor was the decline in overtime pay.

The period saw reductions of

  • 27% in Administration Bureau overtime
  • 25% in Jail OT compensation
  • another 25% in Court Security

“Any law enforcement administrator knows that the bulk of his budget goes to salaries, consisting of both regular and overtime pay,” Prim added.

“If you can show improvement in either category, the effects are significant.

“We have improved both.”

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Prim promised during his campaign that he would be a fiscal conservative. See article 1. article 2 and article 3.


Sheriff’s Spending Down $2 Million First Three Months — 7 Comments

  1. Sheriff Prim is proving to the people of McHenry County that he IS the right man for the job !

  2. We, who supported Prim, all knew he was a man of his word and Prim is proving that.

    I think I may give Prim my check book and he can do my finances.

    Finally a Sheriff that says what he means and means what he says.

    A Sheriff for the people

  3. This also shows that Sheriff Prim was wise in choosing his head team.

  4. He works for the people.

    No doubt.

    We will continue to see more positive government as a result of Bill Prim’s efforts to transform the Sheriffs Department.

  5. I couldn’t be prouder of Sheriff Bill Prim!

    Way to go!

    Way to make McHenry County proud!

  6. We need more people like Prim in all areas of our government.

    Maybe he should have been on the County Board

  7. Admittedly, a very promising press release.

    As it is potentially a big story did the press release include the YOY budget summary line item buckets?

    Very interested if this is from sustainable bits or if any accrual adjustments were made with the change in admin.

    If these are real, sustainable and become transparent (and those are big if’s as I tend not to trust any govt budget press releases without supporting documentation) then I am open to surprise.

    So lets open up the YOY books to transparency and find out if this is real budget or Obama-ish budget “savings”.

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