District 47 Presenting Immigration Forum — 5 Comments

  1. Umm, the flier says “presented by the law office of Jeffrey Middlesworth,” an immigration lawyer in Gurnee.

    Just because their venue is being used doesn’t mean District 47 is hosting the event.

    Want to confirm that, you know, with original reporting?

  2. The local school district is hosting a seminar for a program which is currently not in effect.

    US Department of State, Foreign Press Center, has the following document on its website from the US Congressional Service.

    The Obama Administration’s November 2014 Immigration Initiatives: Questions and Answers.

    y Kate M. Manuel, Legislative Attorney
    November 24, 2014

    The first sentence in the report.

    “On November 20, 2014, President Obama delivered a televised address wherein he broadly described the steps that his administration is taking to “fix” what he has repeatedly described as a
    ‘broken immigration system.'”


    There was no Executive Order issued in conjunction with that speech.

    There were Executive Actions.

    And, a Federal District Court blocked some of those actions, and that ruling is now being appealed.

    There are a lot of people unconvinced the border is secure, despite what Obama says.

    There’s a Youtube video with a reporter (the same reporter that did the Acorn videos) and New Mexico County Sheriff showing a concrete and steel fence at the US / Mexico border.

    The fence ends.

    Where the concrete and steel fence ends, a barbed wire cattle fence begins.

    Anyone can get past a barbed wire cattle fence, and to make it easier, there’s a crude gate where the two fences meet.

    And not far from that meeting of the fences, is an unguarded foot bridge across the Rio Grande River.

    Supposedly both areas are watched via various devices (underground sensors?, drones?, ?) and the reporter was not questioned as an intruder because he was escorted by the county police.

  3. The district has posted this on their facebook page, so they are actively sponsoring this event.I emailed the district questioning why they would be sponsoring this.

    Here is the response I got:

    “We are required by law to offer community outreach activities as part of federal funding laws. As such, we are not charging this individual for the use of space nor will we allow the distribution of promotional materials. Connecting our families to information that may directly affect them helps keep them informed and engaged in the community and, ultimately, in their child’s learning. This is our goal in providing such services.
    Thank you for reaching out.”
    Denise Barr
    Coordinator of Community Relations

    I don’t agree with this at all.

    They did provide promotional material by putting the attorney’s name, phone number, address and website on their facebook page.

    It’s not even a local immigration attorney.

    I don’t think we should be using our limited resources to provide for people who have broken the law to be here.

    It’s enough that we have to pay educate these children who shouldn’t even be here.

  4. heh, heh …… these libards kill me ……..

    When’s the seminar entitled “Torching the Dead White Males’ US Constitution: Our Duty as Progressive Parasites” going to be given???

  5. Maybe someone will attend the meeting and send me an email about what goes on.

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