Park & Ride Lot – Possible Salt Dome Site?

The McHenry County Board seems determined to come up with a site for another salt dome in the southeastern part of McHenry County, which the Transportation Committee has defined as south of Route 176 and east of Route 47.

Perhaps the Board could re-purpose its failed park and ride lot at Route 31 and Virginia Street Road.

Here’s a photo of the people using it the last time I drove past–last Tuesday.

McHenry County's Park & Ride Lot has very few vehicles last Tuesday.

McHenry County’s Park & Ride Lot has very few vehicles last Tuesday.


Park & Ride Lot – Possible Salt Dome Site? — 4 Comments

  1. Certainly makes more sense than park and ride.

    Rarely are there more than 2-3 cars, at best, using the floodlighted, landscaped, surfaced parking lot.

    Then, add the cost to cut and trim the grass and trees once warm weather sets in.

    Another example of Illinois waste.

    We’ll see how many County Board members want to SAVE money.

    Just happened to think that access to the lot is perfect for salt dome, trucks, etc.

    It’ll be interesting to hear the arguments of County Board Members for and against the storage.

    Wanna bet Transpo Committee Chair will argue against salt storage here?

  2. But is that Park and Waste lot the county’s or was it the idiots at IDOT brainstorm?

  3. It was a joint project.

    I don’t know which was the initiator.

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