Co-Sponsor Sandack Takes Credit for Passage of Franks’ Bill

State Rep. Jack Franks is the lead sponsor of House Bill 228, but the headline in a press release printed in the Chicago Tribune gives DuPage County’s Ron Sandack the credit.  [I originally thought that the article I found in the Tribune was written by a Tribune reporter. A reader has informed me that this was posted by Rep. Sandack.  I missed that when I saw it.  The headline and first paragraph have been re-written.]

The bill does the following:

Provides that until 4 years after the effective date of the amendatory Act [sometime in 2019], the General Assembly shall not enact any law creating any new unit of local government, including, but not limited to, the division of existing units of local government.

Provides that the amendatory Act does not apply to the creation of a new unit of local government from the consolidation of 2 or more pre-existing units of local government.

The bill passed 111-2 last week.

Democrats Will Guzzardi and Eddie Lee Jackson voted against it.

Obviously not a controversial bill.

A similar bill passed the House last year, but didn’t make it out of the Senate.


Co-Sponsor Sandack Takes Credit for Passage of Franks’ Bill — 3 Comments

  1. Jackson and Guzzardi in the House voted no Ives voted yes.

    The bill is now in a Senate committee.

  2. My mistake.

    A revision has been made.

    Apologies to Rep. Ives.

    Democrat Will Guzzardi was the other “No” vote.

  3. A very unhappy and anonymous supporter of Jack Franks using a totally inappropriate fake email address says this was written by Rep. Ron Sandack’s office.

    Looks like he is right. I have noted that in the article.

    Happy to publish Rep. Jack Franks’ press releases anytime he wants to send them to me.

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