Rauner on Shock’s Resignation

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Governor Bruce Rauner Statement on Representative Aaron Schock Resigning

Governor Bruce Rauner issued the following statement:

“This is a sad day for the people of Illinois and the 18thDistrict.”


Rauner on Shock’s Resignation — 4 Comments

  1. It’s a happy day because we got a cheat out.

    He preached people should be independent and live within their means and lived like a King.


  2. Most people who run for political office have a huge ego.

    Public sector employees are professional ego builders.

    If a public sector employee can successfully inflate a politicians ego, he / she will be rewarded in many ways.

    Judging by the shirtless pictures of Schock published in various magazines, his ego was not just inflated – it was beyond rescue.

    It would appear his naive ego outmatched his ability to be a successful politician.

  3. Fit guys aren’t automatically egomaniacs, any more than fat guys are automatically low self-esteem sad sacks.

    But good riddance to that scam artist, regardless of his exercise ethic.

  4. Now if the rest of the cheats would resign we might be in good shape!

    They are ALL hypocritical!

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