Betty Davis Lays Out Ideas in Her McHenry Grade School District Election Quest

A press release from McHenry Grade School Board candidate Betty Davis:

Betty Davis Challenges Incumbents in the Upcoming April 7th Election

Betty Davis remarked that she was compelled to run for school board, after seeing the look of dismay on the children’s faces.

Davis, Betty School BoardWhile teaching a kindergarten class, she recalled asking the students, :Who wants to have fun today?”

A student replied:

“If it has anything to do with learning it is not fun.”

It showed her how learning can be fun through the use of a Body Boggle mat.

It is much like a twister game and kids can spell and sound out words.

Mrs. Davis feels that from children being actively involved in a concept they will retain and learn more than the current curriculum allows.

She envisions students’ achievements will become academic excellence through engagement.

“70% of McHenry residents’ taxes goes towards education .

“Unfortunately the tax dollars do not calibrate with the education they are currently receiving.

“Six out of ten high schools in McHenry country are not producing students ready for college.

“Education starts in the elementary schools and I hope to be an advocate for teachers as well as residents of McHenry to find solutions to raise academic standards while lowering the tax dollars.

“We have phenomenal teachers in McHenry.

“Let them be free to use their talents teachers to increase excellence and excitement of the children. Academic excellence not only will benefit the student population–it will increase the value of a resident’s home and attract more people to live here.”


Betty Davis Lays Out Ideas in Her McHenry Grade School District Election Quest — 13 Comments

  1. She and John O’Neill are McHenry Elementary District 15 candidates endorsed by Joe Walsh.

    Chuck Wheeler endorses O’Neil, Davis, and Erik Sivertsen.

    Acceptance of mediocre performance by students during the elementary years with the refrain “she’s doing just fine” when that projects to remedial level classes in college is unacceptable.

    It is definitely a talent and skill to make learning fun while improving educational performance, dealing with bureaucracy, and doing that for many years.

    A lot of what is done in the classroom and schools is driven by Washington and the State.

    The dumbed down ISAT’s which are now history have to be one of the all time educational blunders in the history of the state.

  2. What a refreshing campaign and person running for school board!


    Very impressive!!

    Go Betty Go!!

  3. Citizenry Participation is what it’s all about if we’re going to get a handle on the many things ‘we citizens’ regard as Important.

    I wish her all the best.

  4. Does this Betty Davis live in McHenry?

    She might have a conflict of interest as her facebook page says she owns Fun With Phonics Tutoring Company and her other facebook page says she lives in Chicago.

    She seems like she is trying to get an in to sell her company’s goods to district 15.

  5. This woman wants to run for the school board and sends out a press release like this?

    It is filled with grammar mistakes from top to bottom, and many of the sentences make no sense.

    If this is her best work, which I would assume it would be if she’s serious about running a campaign, it’s scary.

    Academic excellence is important to her?

    That’s hard to believe.

  6. Karma, she can’t sell ‘hooked on phonics’ to the district. Furthermore she is from McHenry.

    My FB page denotes “Chicagoland” as where I’m from and I live in one of the podunk towns in McHenry County.

  7. Hey “DoeintheHealdlghts.”

    If you’re going to play on this blog in the comment section under a false name, you need to better cover yourself and not use the word “MY” FB page……. as in you’re Ms. Miller.

    Good luck in your run.

    I wasn’t going to write anything, but since somebody else caught it, you contradict yourself in your story.

    That being said, it’s nice that you are stepping up and I wish you well.

  8. Rodney, Ms Miller is not from Chicago..

    please do not attack me for stating a simple fact

  9. Concerned…

    I can understand why one like Betty would make you feel threatened…

    I wish her all the best…

    we need Betty on every local school board…

    no more cheer leaders…

    we need skeptics…

  10. Go Betty Go!

    There will always be people that don’t agree, but Betty will be an asset to any school board!!

    Vote for Betty Davis!

  11. If you want maximum taxes, maximum pay and benefit hikes, vote for the candidates the teacher union endorses.

    For McHenry Elementary District 15, that’s the McHenry Classroom Teachers’ Association, IEA-NEA.

    IEA = Illinois Education Association.

    NEA = National Education Association.

    Many teacher unions interview the candidates, sometimes at their regional office, which in this case is the regional IEA office in Elgin at 2230 Point Boulevard, Suite 400, Elgin.

    The aides and other support personnel also have a union.

    McHenry Educational Support Personnel (MESP), IEA-NEA.

    The bus drivers have a union.

    McHenry School Transportation Association, IEA-NEA.

    The unions are organized to obtain maximum taxpayer dollars.

    The taxpayers are not organized.

    Rank and file union members get to vote on collective bargaining agreements before they are approved by the negotiation team, but school boards do not extend the same courtesy to rank and file taxpayers.

    How about that for a campaign issue.

    Will you candidate support taxpayer approval of collective bargaining agreements and administrator contracts via a vote, since rank and file union members get to vote on whether or not to accept the collective bargaining agreement, taxpayers should also get to vote, since it’s taxpayer money funding any hikes.

    Some rank and file teachers might find that to be an acceptable trade off as they would be delighted to vote on administrator contracts.

    As referenced above, various current and ex politicians are making their opinion known.

  12. Betty Davis does not have the education or business experience to be on a school board.

    She is insistent that phonics is the only way children can learn to read, even though recent research tells us that phonics as a stand-alone teaching technique is outdated.

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