Munaretto Fails to Get County Real Estate Contract

Marc Munaretto

Marc Munaretto

Former McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto failed to get a contract to handle real estate deals with the County at Tuesday night’s meeting.

This was the second time the resolution to approve him made it to the Board floor.

The first time it had been approved 6-1 by the Management Services Committee

Those voting in favor were

  • Michele Aavang
  • Jim Heisler
  • Tina Hill
  • Bob Martens
  • Anna May Miller
  • Mike Skala

Before the issue could be voted upon on the Board floor, Committee Chairwoman Hill asked and received permission from the Board to send it back to committee.

It went back to committee and again was advanced to the Board floor, this time with two dissenting votes.

Hill and Micheal Walkup were the only two against approval.

When the resolution reached a Board vote Tuesday night, however, the tally was 19-3 against approval.

Voting in favor were

  • Anna May Miller
  • Yvonne Barne
  • Robert Nowak

All are in County Board District 1, which is in the southeast corner of the County.

That is the district Munaretto represented on the County Board.

Besides serving on the County Board and running for the position of Chairman twice, Munaretto served as Algonquin Township Clerk for two decades.

He stepped down from the clerk’s office in order to run for Township Supervisor two years ago.

Dianne Klemm won re-election.

Subsequently, the County Board appointed Munaretto to replay former State Senator Jack Schaffer on the Metra Board.


Munaretto Fails to Get County Real Estate Contract — 2 Comments

  1. It was disgusting, in the first place, that anyone created this postion for Munaretto.

    This whole process should be investigated and find out who initiated the effort to ensure Munaretto’s financial future, at taxpayers’ expense. What gives him, or anyone, the idea he deserves special treatment?

    He’s already on the RTA payroll. Let him get a real job.

    And, if the County needs information or someone to faciliate a real estate transaction, we have many experienced, professional, non-political commercial real estate agent/brokers who’d be happy to offer their services, and NOT expect to be paid commission if the transaction failed, as was done in Muncaretto Grafton purchase.


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