McHenry Seeking Salt Dome Site

Last time around, the search for a salt dome in the Southeastern part of McHenry County was done in secret.  Some folks at the County Board were quite disturbed when McHenry County Blog revealed the favored site–the Eisenmann property on Virginia Street Road.

A press release from the McHenry County Department of Transportation:

McHenry County Announces Request for Proposals for a Regional Salt Storage and Remote Operations

Site – Extension of Submittal Deadline

NEW INFORMATION – The due date of RFP # 15‐13 McHenry County Remote Salt Storage Site has been extended to 4/30/2015 @ 2:00 PM. All responses MUST be received in the Purchasing Department by this date and time.

Algonquin Township salt dome.

Algonquin Township salt dome.

About the Project

McHenry County has announces the posting of a Request for Proposals (RFP) so that the County can find an area to provide additional salt storage capability in order to protect itself and possibly other agencies from dramatic swings in the price paid for salt.

This would allow for the ability to take delivery of a year’s worth of salt, with the added benefit of having a supply of salt available to draw from in the event that suppliers are unable to deliver salt to the County due to weather or supply chain limitations.

Also, having a supply of salt in the southeast part of the County would create a more efficient operation that would lead to additional benefits for the County.

As such, the County is looking for this site to have the capacity to serve as a location for remote operations.

The successful site must have direct access to either a State Route or County Highway and must be located south of Illinois Route 176 and east of Illinois Route 47.

The County is considering sites that are vacant so that that the County could construct the required infrastructure to store road salt and perform the operations the McHenry County Division of Transportation needs to perform, as well as parcels of land with an existing structure(s) that salt could be stored in either as is or with modifications made to it as well as a site that could be utilized for operations.

Examples of other infrastructure required for operations may include above ground storage tanks, areas to load materials into waiting vehicles, structures to store and maintain equipment, and/or structures for staff to perform office type work with breakroom and restroom facilities.

Complete details of the County’s Request for Proposals can be found on the County’s website at under the Purchasing Department’s section.

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The location sought seems a bit restrictive.

I can think of a couple of sites within a quarter of a mile of a county or state road that might work.


McHenry Seeking Salt Dome Site — 2 Comments

  1. The Salt Domes at both Alg and Nunda aren’t big enough for much if any extra demand.

    They’d have to be resupplied more often that can mean shortages at times.

    Is the County wanting to store some of it’s vehicles at the new Dome site also?

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