Zoning Board of Appeals Members Getting Pay Hike

Since 2006, the Chairman of the McHenry County Board of Zoning Appeals has been paid $85 a meeting with members getting $75.

I’ve never figured out why folks on this board get paid, while others don’t, but the 2006 compensation is apparently too low.

A proposal is in the works to $100 for the Chairman and $90 for each member.

The Planning & Development Committee is scheduled to approve the proposal next Tuesday.

The following are on the committee:

  • Rich Kelly (Chairman)     Crystal Lake       11-16-2015
  • Ed Haerter                        Harvard               9-1-2018
  • Elizabeth Scherer            Woodstock        9-1-2019
  • Vicki Gartner                    Prairie Grove      9-1-2018
  • Linnea Kooistra                Woodstock       9-1-2017
  • David Stone                      McHenry             9-1-2019
  • Charles Eldredge             Richmond          9-1-2018


  • John Rosene                    Barrington Hills    12-15-2015
  • Thomas Harding              Woodstock   12-15-2014  (serves until replaced; position posted on the website with no close date)

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ZBA head Rich Kelly adds this information to the discussion:

I just wanted to let you know that those were not proposed increases for the ZBA.

The finance department wanted to include the mileage reimbursement into the per diem.

The net figures to the ZBA are the same or less depending on the miles that member lives from the Government Ctr. unless they live in Woodstock.

Rich Kelly


Zoning Board of Appeals Members Getting Pay Hike — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t they make enough selling real estate to Mchenry County?

    Especially Eldridge?

    Really, these people are on this board because they are self serving.

  2. It was not approved but was sent back to the drawing board to determine if other efficiencies can be achieved such as scheduling more than one zoning petition for the same day.

    Right now even if they are finished in a short time, they are paid the entire per diem plus mileage.

    Each petition is given the entire schedule for that day regardless of the expected length of the proceeding.

    Why this has been allowed to occur up to now is baffling to me.

    On a separate note, after initially approving the addition of an additional employee to be in charge of stormwater issues, Member McCann, who had initially voted with the majority, moved to rescind her vote and a new vote was taken defeating the proposal.

    It had passed the Natural Environment and Resources Committee on a 6-1 vote (mine being the 1 against).

    It now goes to Human Resources and then to Finance before going before the full Board.

  3. But Mike!

    We need that extra employee in Stormwater to handle the runoff from the ‘wet’ industry buildings planned for Highway 23 south of Marengo!!

    jic people do not get it, this is an attempt at sarcasm.

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