Hultgren Reacts to Terrorism Arrests

From Congressman Randy Hultgren:

Randy Hultgren

Randy Hultgren

“I was greatly disturbed when I heard about the two men from Aurora who were charged last night for conspiring to aid the Islamic State’s efforts against our country and our allies.

“I am incredibly proud of the Illinois National Guard and the FBI whose coordinated and determined efforts led to the arrests of these two men.

“I applaud their commitment to the safety and protection of the citizens of Illinois, the Illinois guardsmen and our nation.

“I await additional information regarding the motives behind the conspiracy, and I am confident that justice will prevail.

“These unsettling situations remind us to remain vigilant every day and remain alert for suspicious activity.”


Hultgren Reacts to Terrorism Arrests — 3 Comments

  1. Yes Duncan that is refreshing unlike the FOOL and his cronies we have in the White House now!

  2. That there is a terrorist soldier does not suprise me.

    It should not suprise you either.

    The US Army has lowered the bar and has been accepting gang members, felons, etc., because it needed fodder for its Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Back in 2008 congressman Mike Thompson inserted an amendment banning enlistment of gang members in that year’s defence authorization bill.

    President Bush vetoed it.

    Mr Hultgren is in a position to do something about this matter.

    Enlistment and weapons training of gang members (courtesy of US taxpayers) ought to be banned.


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