Passing Out Literature

The front of Sascha Chadwick's campaign literature.

The front of Sascha Chadwick’s campaign literature.

I have told both Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and his write-in opponent Sascha Chadwick that I would be willing to pass out their literature in the Crystal Lake portion of my Algonquin 7 precinct.

Thus far, only Chadwick has supplied the 160 pieces I need.

Chadwick lit back

The back of Sascha Chadwick’s door hanger.

Other candidates who would like me to pass out their literature need to get me that number as soon as possible.

Collating the pieces with my precinct letter and stuffing the result in plastic bags takes a fair amount of time.

And, since the election is a week away, there is not a lot of time to distribute literature with Sunday being Easter.

So, candidates running in Crystal Lake, including District 47 and District 155 School Board candidates, feel free to bring over any literature you have.

Our home is at the northeast intersection of Lake Avenue and Meridian Street. ┬áThe Gate 11 sign is in our front year next to our driveway. ┬áThere’s a big tree house in the back yard.


Passing Out Literature — 2 Comments

  1. Stop the corruption fines and the corruption tax and vote for Sascha Chadwick April 7, 2015.

    This is an opportunity for the people from the City of Crystal Lake to get out and create change for better government, that actually works for the people.

  2. Sascha Chadwick is great.

    He was rooked by the current mayor Shepley when filing paperwork so Shepley could get rid of his competition.

    WRITE-IN Sascha Chadwick for Crystal Lake Mayor!!

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