MCC Slate Makes Mailing

The three people running together for McHenry County College Trustee have sent out a small postcard to advance their candidacy.

It arrived in my mailbox today.

The “Stop Tax Hikes” theme is emphasized again, along with their names:

  • Ron Parrish
  • Mike Smith
  • Karen Tirio

MCC Lit post card back 2015Also included is an invitation to visit the team’s web site

The address side carries the same message, along with a pitch for early voting:

MCC lit post card address 2015


MCC Slate Makes Mailing — 2 Comments

  1. I noted this on an earlier posting on this board in March.


    In the spirit of fairness, as I have earlier noted, the Village of Bull Valley has also increased its revenue from taxes.

    For the longest time the Village of Bull Valley had not significantly increased its tax assessment rate even during the first few years of the Great Recession under the administration of Ron’s predecessor.

    However, beginning in the 2011 Assessment that was payable in 2012 (June and September 2012), the Village Assessment Rate was increased from .4718 to .5198.

    During the current administration’s 4 year tenure the taxing rate has increased by 41% (from .4718 to .6645)!

    Notwithstanding the decrease in assessed property valuation from $75.6 (2010) million to $58.1 (2013) million, a decrease in taxable base of 26%, the Village of Bull Valley is now well positioned to significantly increase its revenues (off the backs of its own residents) when the real estate values turn the corner and begin to increase.

    Far be it for me to say that the Village of Bull Valley would ever in the future reduce its taxing rate to reduce the tax burden upon its residents but if they can continue to keep the Village of Bull Valley solvent on the backs of fines and impound fees that are substantially imposed on backs of nonresidents……..just saying.

    All of the data noted in this Postscript can be found in the audited financial statements of the Village of Bull Valley.

    One final point, Ron Parrish is running to be reelected as a trustee of the McHenry Community College Board.

    One of his key platforms for his reelection is that he is staunchly against raising taxes on the good people of McHenry County.

    However when you note that during his 4 year leadership of the Village of Bull Valley you note that he did not feel guilty in increasing taxes on his own fellow residents.

    The question, come election day, is has the tiger (Ron) really changed his stripes to spots?

    Or should we citizens of McHenry County prepare to be required to pay more in taxes to support McHenry Community College….again just saying.

    Is this an accurate posting?

    Did Bull Valley increase its real estate tax levy by 41% during Ron Parrish’s tenure as President of Bull Valley?

    If yes, how can we be sure he won’t push for higher taxes once he is re-elected?

  2. Ron Parrish has voted on the MCC Board to keep the amount of taxes requested to the amount requested during the year before for the last two years.

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