The Regional Board of School Trustees

“What’s that?” is a legitimate question.

This is a board that settles school boundary disputes…as in when someone on the border of one school district would like to be moved to the neighboring school district.

There are three seats up, but only incumbent Mary Ann Louderbach is on the ballot.

As she pointed out in a comment under one story on McHenry County Blog,

“FYI, I filed my petitions in time to be on the ballot for McHenry County Regional Board of School Trustees-for the election April 7.”

That means two write-ins could be elected.

Four people registered to run a write-ins:

  • Eric M. Dowd
  • Matthew F. Meyer
  • Kelly Liebmann
  • Paul Serwatka

Serwatka is concentrating on his Lakewood Village Trustee write-in campaign, but the other three are actively campaigning for the office.

The way the board is set up, not more than one person can be elected from each congressional township.

Lauderback will win re-election because she is the only candidate from Algonquin Township and she is on the ballot.

That leaves Dowd from McHenry Township, Meyer from Richmond Township and Liebmann from Greenwood Township.

Dowd and Meyer are Republican Precinct Committeeman.

Liebmann applied to serve on the McHenry County Ethics Commission, but was passed over by the McHenry County Board committee.

Dowd and Meyer are campaigning together with the campaign piece you see below:

The campaign piece for Eric Dowd and Matt Meyer.

The campaign piece for Eric Dowd and Matt Meyer.

Liebmann is distributing the literature that is below:

Kelly Liebman shows how to write her name on the ballot.

Kelly Liebmann shows how to write her name on the ballot.

On the back, Liebmann shows her biography:

Kelly LIebmann's background.

Kelly LIebmann’s background.

For some reason, Lauderback is making robo-calls tonight, the night before the election.


The Regional Board of School Trustees — 1 Comment

  1. The Regional Board of School Trustees is the entity that would hear Susan’s TIF related complaint regarding school district boundaries.

    It’s very difficult for residents to change school district boundaries.

    The Regional Board of School Trustees is NOT the board for the Regional Office of Education, in the sense of a traditional board that oversees finances and operation.

    The Regional Office of Education is not funded through property taxes.

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