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An email from State Senator Karen McConnauhay:

Karen McConnaughayOn April 16, I will be hosting a forum on education funding with State Senator Pam Althoff at the Central Office Administration Building next to Jacobs High School in Algonquin.

The forum, which will run from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., will feature experts on various education funding reform proposals who will provide insight as to how these proposals affect our students and our property taxes. I hope you will be able to join us!

As the spring session continues, your input continues to be vital to the work I do. Please contact me or my office with questions or concerns you may have, and make sure your voice is heard in Springfield! You can also visit my legislative website at

Karen McConnaughay
State Senator for the 33rd District

McConnaughay to Host Ed Funding Forum April 16

Building on the success of the Senate Bill 16 forums from last fall, Sen. McConnaughay and Sen. Pam Althoff will partner to host a community forum April 16 in Algonquin to discuss the status of education funding reform in Illinois.

“Last fall, we started a dialogue in the suburbs about the issue of education funding, and this spring we want to continue to work toward a real, meaningful overhaul of how we fund education in Illinois,” said McConnaughay. “This year’s forum focuses on two new proposals, Senate Bill 1 – the new version of last year’s Senate Bill 16 – and the Illinois Vision 20/20 policy platform, and how they would affect suburban students and taxpayers.”

Read more about the forum here…

Rauner Working to Help Children Get Fit

On March 30, Gov. Rauner announced that he is teaming with fitness expert Jake Steinfeld and his National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils to help reduce childhood obesity in Illinois.

Read more about the Governor’s efforts here…

Severe Weather Preparedness

With warmer temperatures comes an increased potential for severe weather, to help people prepare, IEMA has joined with the National Weather Service (NWS) and local emergency management agencies to increase awareness of these severe weather hazards.

Click here to read about the IEMA/NWS Severe Weather Preparedness Guide…


McConnaughay’s Springfield Report — 1 Comment

  1. Education funding has been destroyed by legislative pension benefit hikes to pensions that were ALREADY underfunded.

    That started in 1971.

    That continues today.

    Until mainstream Illinois understands how legislative pension benefit hikes to pensions that were already underfunded ruined the pension system and education funding, people will believe the union spin that the teachers did all they were asked to do.

    The rest of the story needs to be understood.

    Teacher union lobbyists and politicians were in cahoots to hike pension benefits.

    Teacher union lobbyists and politicians schemed to divert funding from pensions to salaries.

    That’s the rest of the story.

    Teacher, Downstate Fire, and Downstate Police pensions in Illinois are very lucrative.

    The salaries and pension benefits work hand in hand to hike pensions.

    Chicago is a slightly different story as the idiot politicians did far more pension holidays (skip the employer contribution to the pension fund) in Chicago than the rest of the State.

    Illinois politics remains corrupt.

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