Paul Serwatka Victorious in Lakewood Write-In Campaign

Paul Serwatka

Paul Serwatka

Lakewood resident Paul Serwatka was a runaway winner in his write-in campaign for the Lakewood Village Board.

Capitalizing on opposition to the Tax Increment Financing District and the proposed SportsPlex at the intersection of Routes 47 and 176, Serwatka got 489 votes.

His nearest opponent, Carl Davis, received 282 votes–207 less than Serwatka.

Also in the winners’ circle was another incumbent, Ken Santowski, who got 278.

Odd man out, so to speak, was Gary Sexson with 183 votes.

These total represent only those cast in person on election day.

Final results will add in early and by mail votes, which you can see below:

When these early votes were posted, ballots from none of the precincts had reached the Courthouse.

When these early votes were posted, ballots from none of the precincts had reached the Courthouse.

The early votes clearly show a trend in Serwatka’s favor.

Serwatka is a Republican Precinct Committeeman and serves as Chairman of the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee.

The implications of his overwhelming victory on future policy decisions of the Lakewood Village Board are uncertain.

Incumbents up for re-election in two years, however, might ponder their fate if they continue on the path of selling Tax Increment Financing District bonds and approving the SportsPlex.


Paul Serwatka Victorious in Lakewood Write-In Campaign — 13 Comments

  1. That’s a pretty strong message.

    Simply following the policy and procedures regarding TIFs doesn’t cut it.

    The taxpayers deserve more information on these tax shifting and tax hiking instruments.

  2. Thank you Paul!

    You are now part of an elite team of McHenry Counties bravest, standing up and saying,

    “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more!”

    Now for the real question,

    “Where are the rest of you?”

  3. Paul was a very stealth candidate.

    Knocked on many doors, Had all the facts, Had few but very dedicated volunteers.

    And His mailers coming out at just the precise timing!

    That last one was PRICELESS!

    You would think this guy had done this many times before!!!

    But he hasn’t ever run for anything before.

    If Serwatka’s ‘unlikely to win write-in ‘campaign is any indication of how he’ll handle himself as Trustee of Lakewood, all I have to say is

    ‘Look out Lakewood board establishment!’

    Wow-just Wow!

    This is a REAL referendum against the current board.

  4. Paul “The Mandate” Serwatka.

    When a write in candidate is the top vote getter – yeah – that pretty much says it all.

    Paul, you are the new benchmark.


  5. I could not be prouder of the people of Lakewood.

    They turned out in record numbers and elected a write-in candidate by a LANDSLIDE, giving Paul 67% more votes than the #2 finisher.

    Let us hope the rest of the board heard the message.

  6. Most exciting race in the county, by far!

    Congratulations Trustee Serwatka.

  7. Wow Paul, that’s an old fashioned whoppin’ you gave ’em.

    Congratulations to you on your hard work earning votes from fed-up tax payers that are tired of the games played using tax increases to fund their schemes.

  8. The days of the pseudo-elities setting Lakewood policy are over!

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