Shepley Re-Elected CL Mayor

Aaron Shepley

Aaron Shepley

It doesn’t take a lot of predictive ability to conclude that write-in candidate Sascha Chadwick was unable to topple 16-year incumbent Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley.

Shepley’s entire campaign consisted of signs.

Plus a sticker on the front page of Sunday’s Northwest Herald.

Here is what the race looks like with early voting and the results of one precinct being displayed on the McHenry County Clerk’s website:
CLVote 1 precinct 2015 Mayor


Shepley Re-Elected CL Mayor — 6 Comments

  1. The Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund is 57% funded as of 2013, with an unfunded liability of $21,739,514.

    The Crystal Lake Fire Pension Fund is 65% funded as of 2013, with an unfunded liability of $11,711,842.

    Yet there was enough money in the TIF budget (which is different from the fire and police budget) to construct (4) $16,000 monuments on Route 14 depicting the start and end of the TIF district.

    The $64,000 question, what is the taxpayer benefit to stone monuments.

  2. I can’t afford those monoliths.

    Looking to relocate very soon.

    Probably going to a warmer state with way less taxes.

  3. With you Cindy – targeting 2017 myself and will be here for the next mayoral election.

    I hope Shepley notices how many people voted against him in a write in campaign.

    It’s very telling that many are not happy with the status of Crystal Lake and his leadership.

  4. Shepley is not a bad guy.

    He’s just not a leader.

    The feckless busybodies in CL run the show.

    The problems in CL are not directly Shepley’s fault.

    He just likes the gig, and so he appeases the busybodies.

    They elect him, they build the sports complexes, the stone monuments, the dramatic park district improvements, and run the police department.

    Chadwick will win if he runs again.

    Make sure you paper clip and number and whatever to get the stupid rules right!

    Shepley FEARS you, Mr. Chadwick.

  5. Skeptic – for the record, what sports complex are you referring too? Also, the Park District is a completely different government body (i.e. not run by the City of Crystal Lake).

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