Serwatka Sends Post-Election Email

And, here it is:

Serwatka email palm card
And we did it


Numbers are still not 100% final, but we have absolutely accomplished our initial goals and sent the message as intended!

For those I was able to speak with, I spoke of three goals to get us off to the right start.

1. Was to demand truth, transparency and accountability, by electing me.

That has been accomplished!

2. Was to make our message clear by being the number one vote getter.

That, too, has been accomplished!

3. Was to make our message loud and strong by achieving 400 votes (Something no Lakewood Trustee candidate has ever achieved.)

Well, this one we didn’t exactly achieve….

We surpassed! At this point, we’re at 544 VOTES!!!!

I promise you… your message WILL be heard!

Preliminary totals as of 1:00 a.m. are as follows:

– Gary Sexson – 213 votes
– Carl Davis – 320 votes
– Ken Santowski – 326 votes
– Write in – 544 votes

Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in me. This is not something I will take lightly.

The stories and emotions shared by so many residents have been very informative and quite humbling and I will continue to depend on all of you who know the history, and who have knowledge and expertise in various fields, all of which no one trustee could possibly pretend to know.

I have made many new friends along this campaign trail and my sincerest hope is that the positive energy we have created thus far will continue to grow and will soon serve to crumble the walls of apathy that have come to surround some residents.

I pledge to you that I will do everything I can to truly represent YOU and your concerns. I will NOT make decisions based on self interests. I will NOT succumb to the status quo. I will strive to bring an entirely new level of truth, transparency and accountability to the village board and I will work diligently to earn the trust of those who I know are still skeptical.

I will always view myself as a Lakewood resident and neighbor first and as an elected official of Lakewood second – and I will ever be mindful that, as a trustee, I am elected to serve and to represent the residents – not to dictate policy or command them.

Thank you, again, for all of your support. I will be seeing you all again very soon!

Our Victory Party will be soon. I really hope to see all you there!

Working for better government,



Serwatka Sends Post-Election Email — 4 Comments

  1. Big time congratulations!

    Glad we could be a small part of your victory.

  2. Congratulations Paul

    We know your focused on Lakewood but please Paul after You clean up Lakewood.

    We need You to help clean up this mess In Springfield.

    Please run against our do nothing Rep Michael Tryon.

    Please Paul Run!!

  3. God Bless Erin Smith and the rest of the Lakwood board and grant them a large supply of pain reliever.

    If the Lakewood trustees are provided a laptop they might want to make sure to order some spare I keys given his email above.

  4. Paul

    I saw that you were also running as a write in candidate for a position at the regional board of education.

    What would you have done if you won that position?

    Any truth to the rumor you are using this election as a stepping stone to the McHenry County Board in two years?

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