New Fee Proposed for County Clerk’s Office

If you pay other people’s taxes at the annual Tax Sale, it appears you Tax Buyers will soon have to shell out another $10.

Here’s the summary for the proposal to be considered by the McHenry County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee on Friday at 8:45:

Illinois Compiled Statute 35 ILCS 200/21-251 states that the County Clerk of each county shall create and maintain a registry system that permanently records the name, addresses, and telephone numbers of owners or assignees of certificates of purchase issued pursuant to any tax sale conducted under this code.

The registry may consist of a single record or a combination of records maintained in paper or electronic form and may include copies of records kept by the county treasurer for other purposes, all to be used as the county clerk deems appropriate to carry out the purposes of this section.

The information in the registry shall be made available to the public.

The County Clerk may assess an automation fee of no more than $10.00 to be paid by the owner of the certificate of purchase for each assignment of the certificate that is registered under this provision.

The fee shall be collected in the same manner as other fees and costs and shall be held by the county clerk in a fund for purposes of automating his or her office.

The fee provided for under this section shall not be chargeable to the cost of redemption under Section 21-355 nor shall it be posted under Section 21-360 of this code.

The resolution in the committee’s packet asks for the maximum allowed–$10.


New Fee Proposed for County Clerk’s Office — 1 Comment

  1. So Mary McClellan in her new role as McHenry County Clerk wants to generate more revenue for the McHenry County Clerks office.

    Government seems no different than business these days, they both are constantly looking to generate more revenue.

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