Algonquin Township Annual Meeting

Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery wrote the following about Algonquin Township’s Annual Meeting.

As far as I have seen, there has been no article about the seventeen annual town township meetings.

Algonquin Township Budget and Town Hall meetings 2015 April 18, 2015

The 2015/16 budget funds hearings for the Algonquin Township of McHenry County Illinois was held on 4/8/15. The board reviewed and approved the budgets for the Town, General Assistance, Road & Bridge, and Equipment & Building.

The board members have been working and discussing plans of the budget with the Supervisor, Assessor, Clerk, and Road Commissioner over the last two months to come up with the final budget with 2nd year in a row of reduced or flat budgets.

We will be working on a future analysis of actual expenses by 5 year trend and eventual comparisons to like townships, other similar public entities, and relational private sector line items. Recap of budget financial total comparisons for the last two years versus previous year are:

Alg Twp 15-16 Budget
Road Commissioner Bob Miller has noted in the past that the district’s useable budget for the coming fiscal year is about $1.2 million less than reported due to State Motor Fuel Tax money collected and then distributed to the Township’s various municipalities.

Larry EmeryThe board will continue discussion and actions for the year to continue review, monitoring, and establishing key indicators on line items to help continue efficient and fair use of our resources provided by our taxpayers in accordance to responsibilities.

Also, here is quick note on the 166th annual Algonquin Township Town Hall (since the meeting went so very quick).

It was held Tuesday April 14th, 2015 at 7 pm at the township business meeting room. After going thru the agenda required clerical items, we arrived at audience participation.

There was none. Is no news, good news?

Was there any concern about expenses and services?

Was there any concern about the Citizens for Township Consolidation?

No indication given.

So, as a trustee, I will continue asking a cross-section of constituents around the whole township and ask for input.

Please send your thoughts, issues, and concerns to


Algonquin Township Annual Meeting — 9 Comments

  1. Larry, what’s your position on the fact that approximately 15% of the road and bridges fund finances the Miller family?

    I’ll understand if you don’t want to poke this dog with a stick, but if you’re truly the reformer you claim to be you’ll answer.

  2. I attended Dorr’s and was very disappointed by the turnout.

    Only a handful of people were in attendance and some of those were assistants.

  3. Thanks for any comments on this article. All are appreciated to help me listen, learn, and lead.

    I do not consider myself a reformer.

    Four years ago I started getting more involved in our government more than just voting at our elections. Call me for coffee if you want to here the details.

    I do believe that you should not use the Ready, Fire, then Aim method.

    Decisions without both subjective and objective facts to compare to agreed measurement indicators are like waiting to “see what’s in it” after voting on a law.

    First, we need to work together within the system to establish key indictors that will measure if/when we achieve our agreed upon goals.

    Transparency and FOI requests are ineffective without knowing the measurement to goals.

    If reducing just the number of units of government is the goal by itself, I’m not sure we will get our desired result of lower taxes and efficient use of those tax dollars.

    To do this, some of the key indicators our board would like to established and monitored are:

    1. Monthly Cash Flow Reserve Analysis tool to measure financial health and direction of the township

    2. Employee Pay and Benefit Analysis to establish fair compensation packages to all workers (hired and elected).

    3. Purchase Planning Process for quotes (to go with the bid process) on major investments in goods, services, and building needs based on established goals.

    Please email me at if you would like to help be a resource to accomplish one or more of these indicators this year.

    Additional articles on this and other topics can be found at

  4. Algonquin Township 2014 Annual Wages

    Robert J Miller – $93,317 – Highway Commissioner – Algonquin Township
    Robert R Kunz – $84,430 – Assessor – Algonquin Township
    Douglas J Helman – $82,820
    Anna M Miller – $82,403 – Administrative Assistant – Algonquin Township Road District
    Derek G Lee – $81,910 – Deputy Foreman – Algonquin Township Road District
    Daniel T Neumann – $73,810
    Margaret M Lane – $72,287 – Deputy Assessor – Algonquin Township
    Randdall O Voss – $71,495
    Judith M Kreklow – $70,297 – Administrative Assistant – Algonquin Township
    Andrew Rosencrans – $69,768
    Michael E Barnas – $66,706 – Foreman – Algonquin Township Road District
    Dianne L Klemm – $66,655 – Supervisor – Algonquin Township
    Brian R Doubek – $65,675
    Dylan P Stern – $63,260
    Ryan T Greene – $62,135
    Josephine M Petralia – $45,332
    Nancy D Baldacci – $41,395
    Carol J Touhy – $39,139
    Pamela R Sadzeck – $37,462
    Susan M Magana – $35,230
    Tonya K Vitous – $33,270
    Bonnie A Cone – $31,387
    Colleen M Riess – $30,160
    Rosalva Saludo – $28,706
    Daniel A Morrison – $28,201

    Source: Open The Boooks > Illinois > Category: Employee Compensation > Employee Status: State Local Employee Salaries > Area of Government: Village, Township, County, Park, Library, Local > Continue > Employer Name: Algonquin Township > View Results > scroll down to the bottom of the screen > 500 items per page.

    Note, register first so you don’t lose data when donation prompt appears.

  5. Algonquin Township 204 Pay Increases

    Note: Large pay increases could be due to a number of reasons such as change in employment status between full and part time, not working a complete year, termination, resignation, change in job responsibilities or title, unpaid time off, data error, etc.

    Name —————— 2014 — 2013 — Increase ——— Title —- Township or Twp Road District

    Daniel A Morrison —- $28,202 – $12,715 – 121.79%
    Mary L Kunz ———- $27,026 – $14,529 – 086.01%
    Rosalva Saludo ——- $28,707 – $20,762 – 038.27%
    Tonya K Vitous ——- $33,270 – $29,751 – 011.83%
    Anna M Miller ——– $82,403 – $77,602 – 006.19% – Administrative Assistant – Algonquin Twp Rd Dist
    Andrew Rosencrans —- $69,768 – $66,359 – 005.14%
    Judith M Kreklow —– $70,298 – $67,202 – 004.61% – Administrative Assistant – Algonquin Township
    Derek G Lee ———- $81,910 – $78,787 – 003.96% – Deputy Foreman – Algonquin Township Road Dist
    Daniel T Neumann —– $73,810 – $71,248 – 003.60%
    Susan M Magana ——- $35,231 – $34,069 – 003.41%
    Randall O Voss ——- $71,496 – $69,440 – 002.96%
    Dylan P Stern ——– $63,260 – $61,940 – 002.13%
    Ryan T Greene ——– $62,135 – $60,980 – 001.89%
    Nancy D Baldacci —– $41,395 – $40,765 – 001.55%
    Robert J Miller —— $93,318 – $92,003 – 001.43% – Highway Commissioner – Algonquin Township
    Douglas J Helman —– $82,820 – $82,165 – 000.80%
    Brian R Doubek ——- $65,675 – $65,187 – 000.75%
    Margaret M Lane —— $72,287 – $71,810 – 000.67% – Deputy Assessor – Algonquin Township
    Colleen M Riess —— $30,160 – $29,964 – 000.65%
    Robert R Kunz ——– $84,430 – $84,192 – 000.28% – Assessor – Algonquin Township
    Josephine M Petralia – $45,332 – $45,271 – 000.14%
    Pamela R Sadzeck —– $37,463 – $37,534 – -00.19%
    Bonnie A Cone ——– $31,388 – $31,453 – -00.21%
    Carol J Touhy ——– $39,140 – $39,638 – -01.26%
    Dianne L Klemm ——- $66,655 – $68,072 – -02.08% – Supervisor -Algonquin Township
    Michael E Barnas —– $66,707 – $79,630 – -16.23% – Foreman -Algonquin Township Road District

  6. So, just to confirm, Larry, you don’t have a problem with Bob Miller employing his wife and two sons in law?

  7. Raw get real and realize the facts: Larry was elected after the Miller family got hired, so there is nothing he can do as the practice is legal for all gov agencies.

    Granted some have passed hiring practices against that, which also could be changed back by a simple vote by that gov agency if they so chose.

    Larry is trying to change Twh gov by trying to work with people, not throw rocks at them so they get defensive and turn off to any suggestions he may have.

    So give him a break, or run yourself and see how well that works out for ya.

    Suggestion: If you feel so strongly for the need to eliminate Nepotism, start a petition to force it to be illegal for all gov agencies.

    With a little work and no shortage of signatures we could at least have a vote on it as most politicians seem to be afraid of putting that on the ballet.

    Maybe because of good old fashion Gov Payback.

  8. Nob, there are lots of ways to fight nepotism. You don’t need to implement a statewide law outlawing it to make a difference.

    For example, Larry could get up at every meeting, call Bob Miller a scumbag, and follow it up with a press release or letter to the editor.

    Larry could attempt to thwart the road budget until the nepotism is corrected.

    Larry could speak with our state-level elected officials about Algonquin Township’s particularly egregious case.

    Larry could even do nothing, saying that as an elected official he can’t pick every fight and that he came to office to do x, y, and z but that he nevertheless agrees in principle with the idea.

    Instead, Larry has chosen not to respond. Spineless but also likely politically wise for him.

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