McSweeney Passes Township Tax Freeze

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

House Agrees Illinois Needs McSweeney’s Property Tax Relief Bill

Springfield, IL…. The Illinois House of Representatives today approved Rep. David McSweeney’s (R-Barrington Hills) legislation to provide property tax relief for Illinois residents.

The new Dorr Township Hall just southeast of Route 47 at 1035 Lake Avenue.

The new Dorr Township Hall just southeast of Route 47 at 1035 Lake Avenue.

The Legislation (House Bill 178) passed the full House today by a vote of 75-37.

The bill would help reduce skyrocketing property taxes here in Illinois by freezing the property tax levy for many townships for a one year period.

“Year after year, Illinois ranks near the bottom of the list of tax friendly states,” Rep. McSweeney stated.

“My bill isn’t a cure-all, but it’s a first step that will be a welcome news for many Illinois families. Property tax relief is long overdue.”

The bill moves to the Senate for further consideration. Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) is sponsoring the legislation in the Senate.

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The bill applies to township under 100,000 people. All townships in McHenry County have fewer than 100,000 people.

The roll call follows:

The roll call on David McSweeney's township tax freeze bill, House Bill 178.

The roll call on David McSweeney’s township tax freeze bill, House Bill 178.

Excluded from the freeze are

  • highway funds
  • general assistance funds
  • unemployment and workers’ compensation
  • self-insurance
  • contributions to pension plans


McSweeney Passes Township Tax Freeze — 11 Comments

  1. Is this a meaningful tax break or just a gesture?

    What effect will this action have, say on the property tax of a 350K home in the area?

  2. According to State Rep. Mike Fortner, who has apparently done the calculations, the effect of all this on a 350k home will be less than three dollars.


  3. (That’s three dollars off the total tax bill amount for one year, by the way)

  4. Much ado about… 3 dollars.

    Better to save the paper and ink.

    Just wait until property values climb.

    Back when Daley was mayor in Chicago, he used to say, with a straight face, that taxes were going down (rates were, a little, but the amount raised went up always, of course)

    Here’s my idea of property tax relief: a California style limit at 1%.

    Or let’s make it 2%, what the heck.

    Not a dime beyond that, unless the house has granite countertops.

    Now that would make me go out on election day.

  5. What a waste of time and $$$$.

    Dave what about the budget and fiscally responsible state gov?

  6. When you compare Mcsweeney’s short stint as a State Rep to Mike Tryon’s it like night
    and Day.

    Both Republicans one working for the taxpayers.

    One Doing time to collect a Taxpayers pension.

  7. I appreciate the three dollar savings.

    I know McSweeney is working on other things as well.

  8. The relevance of such a bill is difficult to justify or explain.

    One could use the idea of football and say this is all a game of inches but it really wouldn’t explain what a conservative state representative faces when they head to Springfield.

    300, the story of the Spartans comes to mind but using this as an example would diminish the courage of the men who fought that particular battle for freedom.

    Maybe using Custer’s 7th cavalry would start to explain the situation in that the Republicans are led by a self deluded arrogant few while being surrounded by a ruthless enemy with no desire for mercy and a stone age mentality as it pertains to civilized nationhood.

    There are wonderful brave people fighting on the field of battle and their heroics are measured in incredibly small increments.

    Sometimes those increments are worth pennies but the significance is huge because they could easily choose to do nothing or they could be stopped by the sheer enormity of the battle ahead just to get the pennies or they could just be silenced on the field before even getting to fire a shot.

    It is easy to say, in the safety of your living rooms, “why don’t fiscal conservatives go for more than this seemingly simple little bill?”

    Join the fight.

    Learn how tightly Madigan controls what can or cannot be voted on in Springfield.

    The fact Madigan allowed this out of committee for a vote is a small miracle.

    As long as there is breath in your body it is negligent to allow those who attack this nation any quarter.

    McSweeney is fighting where he can when he can.

    Are you?

    I understand the disappointment at the lack of sweep and glory but get over yourselves enough to appreciate the magnitude of the fight and the servants who fight in your stead.

    Then make certain Jack Franks loses and you will have won a very small battle of your own so victories worthy of your praise may be won somewhere in the future.

  9. McSweeney is a one-percenter with an ego the size of Soldier Field.

    Why don’t you ask him why this bill specifically excludes all townships in Democratic stronghold Cook County?

    Wow, McSweeney sure looks like a brave little anti-Madigan crusader to me…

  10. Only certain townships get to have the freeze.

    The ones that are excluded are the ones that can afford something like this, even as small as it is.

    Nice try Dave to look good.

    You just proved your another Kirk.

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