Slots As Funding Source Oversold

From the anti-gambling Illinois Church Action on Alcoholism and Addiction Problems (ICAAA):

IDOT director calls for more reliable infrastructure funding

Wonder Lake slot machines.

Wonder Lake slot machines.

Gambling revenues that have failed to meet expectation show the need for a more reliable, long-term source of transportation funding, the head of the Illinois Department of Transportation said. While there is no immediate crisis, Randy Blankenhorn said, revenue from gambling would not be enough to sustain long-term infrastructure needs.

Here’s where you can find the story from the State Journal-Register.

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Slots As Funding Source Oversold — 3 Comments

  1. When other states allowed slots at horse race tracks and Illinois did not follow suit, the horse race industry took a huge hit in Illinois, because the slots allow bigger purses, and the better horses go to the bigger purses.

    The horse racing industry had been around for a very long time.

    Instead of allowing slots at horse race tracks, Illinois legalized video gambling, creating all sorts of new establishments at which gambling is legal.

    One purported reason for video gambling was that illegal video gambling was already happening with the machines being legal but the payouts being illegal, so were payouts happening under the table.

    But video gambling now is in lots of places where before there were no video gambling machines.

    And lots of racing horses and their jobs left Illinois.

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