Dan Dziewior Moving to Park District

Daniel P. Dziewior Jr., Commander of Support Services for the Crystal Lake Police Department, is retiring from the force on May 11th.

He’s not leaving law enforcement, however.

On May 12th, he starts a new job as Crystal Lake Park District Chief of Police.

Commander Tom Kotlowski will replace Dziewior as Public Information Officer for the Crystal Lake Police Department.


Dan Dziewior Moving to Park District — 12 Comments

  1. Well, it depends when Mr. Dziewior starts drawing his Downstate Police pension.

    To see if Mr. Dziewior has filed paperwork about when he will start receiving his pension, one can submit a FOIA request to the Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund.

    Since the Crystal Lake Police Department is a component of the Village of Crystal Lake, contact the Village of Crystal Lake website.

    All people currently receiving pensions from the Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund can also be obtained via FOIA, including the person’s name, years worked, years of service, benefit start date, most current full year’s pension, and what year that was (most current full year’s pension).


    The Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund, in terms of the Illinois Pension Code, is categorized as Article 3 – Police Pension Fund – Municipalities 500,000 And Under (Downstate Police).



    Pursuant to Public Act 95-0950 (House Bill 5088), each odd numbered year, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability analyzes data submitted by the Public Pension Division of the Illinois Department of Insurance pertaining to the pension systems established under the Downstate Police Article and the Downstate Fire Article of the Illinois Pension Code.

    The Commission issues a formal report during such years providing aggregate analyses of selected police and fire systems.

    Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability
    Fiscal Analyses of the Downstate Police and Downstate Fire Pension Funds in Illinois (P.A. 95-0950)
    2015 Edition
    Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund

    Appendix I
    Article 3 Pension Funds – Funding Ratio History
    Fiscal Year (FY)
    2008 – 58.22%
    2009 – 46.06%
    2010 – 54.64%
    2011 – DNA
    2012 – 58.49%
    2013 – 57.41%

    Appendix III
    Article 3 Pension Funds – Funding Status as of FY 2013
    Accrued Liability ———- $33,965,730
    Actuarial Value of Assets – $22,253,888
    Unfunded Liability ——— $11,711,842
    Funded Ratio —————— 65.52%



    The Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund meetings can be found on the Village of Crystal Lake website.

    Here are a few agendas from Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund Meetings.

    Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund
    Meeting Agenda
    Police Conference Room P 113
    April 16, 2015 – 4:00 PM

    Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund
    Meeting Agenda
    Police Conference Room P 113
    April 17th, 2014 – 4:00 PM

    Crystal Lake Police Pension Fund
    Meeting Agenda
    Police Conference Room P 113
    January 16th, 2014 – 4:00 PM



    The Commander of Support Services for the Crystal Lake Police Department would be in the Downstate Police Pension Fund.

    The Crystal Lake Park District Chief of Police would be in the IMRF pension fund.

    Unless one were to opt out of the IMRF pension fund.

  2. Crystal Lake Police Department
    Daniel P. Dziewior Jr.
    Commander of Support Services years 2012 – 2015
    Date Started: September 28, 1987

    Salary – Amount – Percentage Increase
    2014 – $108,264 – 2.79
    2013 – $105,323 – 2.67
    2012 – $102,584 –

    Source: Better Government Association Payroll Database

    Percentage Increase Formula: (Ending Salary – Starting Salary) / Starting Salary


    Next let’s estimate Mr. Dziewior’s starting pension.

    Here are the Downstate Police Pension benefit levels from the above Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) document in the previous comment titled Fiscal Analyses of the Downstate Police and Downstate Fire Pension Funds in Illinois (P.A. 95-0950), 2015 Edition.

    Page 3 (page 7 of the pdf).

    This is for Tier 1 (aka Tier I) benefit levels.

    Tier 2 (aka Tier II) benefit levels would apply to anyone beginning their career on January 1, 2011 or after.

    The document also lists Tier 2 benefit levels.

    Employee Contributions: 9.91% of Salary.

    Final Rate of Earnings (FRE) for Pension Calculation: Salary on Final Day of Service.

    Full Retirement: Age 50 with 20 yrs.

    Early Retirement Deduction: (Not Applicable).

    Pension Formula: 2.5% x FRE x Years of Service.

    Maximum Pension: 75% of FRE.

    COLA’s: 3% Compounded.


    2015 – 1987 = 28 years.

    We are past the 20 year threshold for full retirement, assuming Mr. Dziewior will be 50 at retirement.

    The salary on the last day of service (aka Finale Rate of Earnings) will be greater than $108,264.

    Let’s use $108,264.

    Thus, we will be lowballing starting pension.

    .025 x $108,264 x 28 = $75,784.

    The .025 is the 2.5% accrual rate.

    Let’s see if that exceeeds the 75% threshold.

    $108,264 x .75 = $81,198.

    No, $75,784 does not exceed $81,198.

    So starting pension will be more than $75,784.

    And the pension will increase 3% every year.

    Each pension fund (there are 19 in the Illinois Pension code) uses unique benefit levels, so this only appplies to Downstate Police.

    For instance, Tier 1 Teachers and Administrator pensions use a 2.2% accrual rate and a starting full benefit level pension of 75% of the average of the last 4 years worked, assuming one has 35 years of service, and there are loopholes and Early Retirement Option and such, but that gives one and idea of how benefit levels differ amongst pension funds.

  3. Not a lot of Park Districts have their own Police Department.

    Here’s the organizational structure of the Crystal Lake Park District Police Department.

    1. Crystal Lake Park District Residents
    – 2. Park District Board of Commissioners
    – 3. Executive Director
    – 4. Superintendent of Parks Services
    – 5. Chief of Park Police
    – 6. Sergeant
    – 7. Officers and Community Service Officers

    The Chief of Park Police has an Administrative Assistant for Records.

    Source: Crystal Lake Park District Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 2014.

    Thus the Crystal Lake Park District Fiscal Year 2014 (FY 2014) is May 1 – April 30.

    Here are Crystal Lake Park District FY 2014 revenues from the same document.

    Charges for Services: $2,600,516
    Capital Grants / Contributions: $8,020
    Property Taxes: $6,600,343
    Replacement Taxes: $74,266
    Interest Income: $20,811
    Miscellaneous: $15,932
    Total Revenues: $9,319,888
    (page 23 of pdf)

    General Obligation Bond Debt: $7,025,580.
    (Page 29 of pdf)


    Investigating and preventing vandalism is one duty of the Park District Police.


    The issue of whether the Park District Police is duplicating services and being fiscally responsible was discussed by the Park District Commissioners on September 12, 2013.

    At that meeting it said $450,000 was budgeted for the Park Police Department.



    The Crystal Lake Park District Amendment to the 2014 / 2015 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance Memorandum dated February 12, 2015 states that Park District Chief Ron Lyons is unexpectedly retiring and that event is partially responsible for this amendment.

    Estimated additional Expenditures for FY 2015 include:

    Police Chief Salaries and Wages: $7,800 Corporate Fund
    Police Chief Salaries and Wages: $7,800 Recreation Fund
    Police Chief Salaries and Wages: $14,000 Liability Fund
    Police Chief Salaries and Wages: $1,600 Racket Club Fund
    Total: $31,200.

    Part Time Police: $2,500 Corporate Fund
    Part Time Police: $2,500 Recreation Fund
    Part Time Police: $4,000 Liability Fund
    Part Time Police: $1,000 Racket Club Fund
    Total: $10,000

    The single largest line item in the amendment was $30,000 for Unemployment Benefit Contractual Services.

    Section IV. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are hereby repealed.



    Open The Books Salary Database for Ronald L Lyons:
    Year – Annual Wages – Percentages Increase over Previous Year
    2014 – $83,540 – 4%
    2013 – $80,618 – 3%
    2012 – $78,388 – 1%
    2011 – $77,793 – 8%
    2010 – $72,047 – 2%
    2009 – $70,462 – (2%)
    2008 – $71,848 – 5%
    2007 – $68,519 – 6%
    2006 – $64,369 – 7%
    2005 – $60,188 – 1%
    2004 – $59,688 – 10%
    2003 – $54,461 – 4%
    2002 – $52,346 – 5%
    2001 – $49,663 – 10%
    2000 – $44,950

    http://www.OpenTheBooks.com > Illinois > Category: Employee Compensation > Employee Status: State/Local Employee Salaries > Area of Government: Village, Township, County, Park, Library, Local > Continue > Employer Name: Crystal Lake Park Dist > View Results > Scroll to bottom of page and select 500 items per page

  4. After one government job with pension benefits no one should be allowed to get double government pensions.

    Where is all the new talent?

  5. So retired military should not be allowed to participate in the government they fought to defend?

  6. Everyone who wants to carry a gun join the CL Parks PD!

    If you’re politically connected that is!

  7. I think this is a nice way to get rid of him.

    Dziewior is was in the tank with Linder and Lowery.

    He did what they said.

    With their departures, there are only a few more bad apples left.

    Chief Black apparently is doing what is necessary to clean the department.

    Kotlowski is one of the good ones.

  8. In summary, a pension fund that’s about 60% funded has members retiring after 28 years worked with at least a $75,000 starting pension that increases with an annual 3% COLA.

    Legislative pension benefit hikes approved by Governors have resulted in higher pension contributions.

    The local municipalities funding the pensions did not increase the pension benefits.

    State legislators and Governors increased the pension benefits.

    The local municipalities do have control over salaries though.

    So if the legislator increased the pension benefits, which increases the municipal contribution to the pension fund, local could have held the line on salaries during management contract negotiations and collective bargaining.

    The village could have frozen salaries until pensions were fully funded.

    The employees could have taken lower salary hikes in exchange for fully funded pensions.

    The village could have mounted a public campaign to scale back benefit hikes.

    Lots of actions could have been taken.

    Whatever actions were or were not taken, we see the result.

    Here is the collective bargaining agreement between the Village of Crystal Lake and the Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP) Local 177.


    Many villages don’t bother posting the current labor agreements (collective bargaining agreements) on their website.

    Even better would be posting the past collective bargaining agreements (CBA) on the village website.

    Also it would be nice for the village to post the change document for the collective bargaining agreements, which shows the additions and deletions from the prior agreement.

    Furthermore the public should be able to review the collective bargaining agreements 30 days before iit’s voted on by the village board; and better than that would be for the public to vote whether or not to approve the the collective bargaining agreement.

    If you look at the wage schedules in the collective bargaining agreement, you will notice one of the reasons many public sector workers have been receiving big wage hikes in general compared to the private sector since the late 1990’s.

    The entire wage schedule is hiked 2%.

    And, the employee gets step increase wage hikes every so many years.

    Unlike a teacher collective bargaining agreement (CBA), there are no lane increase wage hikes for taking more college classes.

    The MAP Local 177 CBA expires April 30, 2015.

    The Village of Crystal Lake Fiscal Year also ends April 30, 2015.

    The Commander is likely no longer covered by the collective bargaining agreement as he’s in a managerial position.

    Some villages have two or three police bargaining units, one for Patrol, one for Sergeants and maybe Lieutenants, one for Civilians which maybe includes Dispatch; it varies by village.

    A competitor police union to the MAP is the FOP, the Fraternal Order of Police.

    A third competitor police union is ICOP, the Illinois Council of Police; they are smaller than the aforementioned.

    A fourth competitor police union is the PBPA, the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association.

    Another union AFSCME has a bargaining unit for Cook County Police and another for Sergeants.

    Lots of competition in the police union business.

    And sometimes there is a decertification of a bargaining unit from one union and certification into another union.

    No known watchdog for the City of Crystal Lake.

  9. Instead of holding the line on pay increases for any government employees our beloved administrators/managers are always comparing wages and benefits with those communities that offer more.

    So that in order to keep “the best” employees “happy and productive” takes more and more of our $$

  10. Seriously, how about saying “congratulations! ” on his new journey in life.

    Everyone is so absorbed in his finances (that he EARNED btw!)

    Way to go Dan, it’s about time you moved to a more positive atmosphere and enjoyed life!

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