Althoff Fundraiser

June 2nd on Pistakee Bay, State Senator Pam Althoff will hold a fundraiser at Statusvue, Mechanical, Inc., at 38 W. Grand in Fox Lake.

Althoff, a member of the State Senate Republican Leadership Team, has to kick in money for the privilege of sitting in on decision-making in her party.

That money ends up going elsewhere to try to increase the number of Republicans in the upper House.

June 2nd

June 2nd at 38 W. Grand, State Senator Pam Althoff will raise money from 5-7.

Mayors Rich Mack and Donny Schmit are chairing the event.


Althoff Fundraiser — 3 Comments

  1. The saddest part about Pam Althoff’s op-ed in the NWH yesterday relative to smaller government is that she actually believes it.

  2. Pam is right in opposing Jack’s legislation that would give power to the county board to consolidate instead of the voters, but she got legislation passed to allow higher property tax from MCCD.

    Where will you be next Pam, how about some legislation to fix the states fiscal problems and pension problems.

    Pam, Jack, Dave, Mike, Dan and other local politicians don’t seem to be concerned about their #1 J O B, the states budget, instead spend most of their time on tangents that mean almost nada to our tax bills.

  3. She needs a competitor.

    Isn’t there anyone out there to run against her?

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