The County Fair Association Decision-Makers

One of McHenry County Blog’s faithful readers looked up phone numbers and most addresses of the members of the McHenry County Fair Association.

Thought I’d pass along the information.

First, those who represent townships:

  • Alden Township – Pam Linneman, 14802 Nichols Road, Hebron, 815-648-2369
  • Algonquin Township – Kelly Sadowski, 4209 Church Hill Lane, Crystal Lake, 815-356-5301
  • Burton Township – Richard Tobiasz, 10715 Breezy Lawn Rd, Spring Grove, 815-675-6455
    (also Chief of the Spring Grove Fire Protection District).
  • Chemung Township – Richard Crone, 815-943-6456
  • Coral Township – Ken Bauman, 8016 S. Union Rd, Union, 815-923-1509
  • Dorr Township – Jeff Schumacher, 711 Seminary, Woodstock, 815-337-9315
  • Dunham Township – Walter Davidson, 815-943-5284
  • Grafton Township – Dan Fruin, 7103 Mensching Road, Huntley, 847-669-5674
  • Greenwood Township – Casey A Given, 10118 Rte 120, Woodstock, 815-337-5993
  • Hartland Township – Larry Macheroux, 1413 N. Rose Farm Road, Woodstock, 815-338-3093
  • Hebron Township – Phil Walters, 6202 Johnson Rd, Hebron, IL 60034, 815-648-2726
  • Marengo Township – Susan Simons, 3013 Miller Rd, Marengo, 815-353-8073
  • Richmond Township, Chris Holian, 6105 Tryon Grove Rd, Richmond, IL 815-678-6014, 815-678-4430
  • Riley Township – Kathy Meyer – 6105 Meyer Road, Marengo, 815-668-6888
  • Seneca Township – Brett Geiseke, 17819 Garden Valley Rd,  Woodstock, 815-568-1167

At-large members:

  • Cynthia Erckfritz, Hebron Township Trustee, 9711 Jean Dr, Hebron, 815-648-4766
  • Colin Jeschke phone 815-923-2576
  • Frank Kearns, 9007 Coyne Station Rd, Huntley, 847-669-5500
  • Tom Linneman, 11905 Prairie Ave, Hebron, 815-648-2027
  • Chad Bauer, 916 Hayden Dr, McHenry, 847-497-9511

Articles relating to the proposed relocation of three Pro-Life booths from heavily-trafficked areas to a building where few fair attendees venture:


The County Fair Association Decision-Makers — 1 Comment

  1. Here are the facts:

    This is not an issue of discrimination this is an issue about business. I called not ten minutes ago and the fair said that they are taking all non-profits, pro-life groups, pro-choice groups and finally politicians who had previously been in the exhibitor hall and putting them in a separate location apart from businesses. That’s the story. That’s it.

    They are not making one rule for pro-life groups and one for pro-choice groups like some are asserting.

    There is no ghetto – and even if there were – calling it a ‘religious ghetto’ is absurd because there will be pro-life groups, pro-choice groups, and politicians in said ghetto.

    The fair seemed pretty open and willing to try work things out, yet it is these noisy, victimhood-claming pro-life groups who are whining like children and claiming they are being singled out. Yet, I REPEAT!!!!! They are putting politicians, and pro-life and pro-choice, and non for profits who would have previously been mixed with business now separate from businesses and in an exhibitor hall (or tent). Businesses are going in another area.

    The fair is being completely unbiased towards non-for profit groups alike and treating them all the same.

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