Rauner on Madigan

From the Bruce Rauner Administration on the first day of the last week of the session–Memorial Day:

Statement attributable to Lance Trover, Director of Communications, Office of the Governor

“Speaker Madigan and the politicians he controls are walking away from the negotiating table and refusing to compromise on critical reforms needed to Turnaround Illinois. Instead, they appear ready to end the regular session with yet another broken budget or massive tax hike -and no structural reforms.

“The Speaker and his allies in the legislature are sorely mistaken if they believe the people of Illinois will accept doubling down on a broken system that has failed Illinois over the last dozen years.”


Rauner on Madigan — 13 Comments

  1. That is how madigan and cullerton operate.

    Collect from the unions and sink the taxpayers.

    They are the reason the Illinois moto is ILLINOIS LAND OF CORRUPTION.

    However now on the Mchenry county board we have similiar democrates.

    Keep raising taxes.

  2. Governor Rauner has yet to propose one idea that is in Bill form.

    To negotiate, you need cards on the table and Rauner has no hand to play.

    He sure has picked up on the game quick.

    Politics as usual indeed.

  3. The bills were introduced Friday.

    I have looked at the three significant proposals over the last three days.

  4. I agree with WOW.

    All of them but especially republicans are in it for the politics.

    Every time I called Pam Althoff and said they need to solve pension problem she always said after the next election.

    Well they should have solved this long ago.

    My solution is to take all the pensions away from past and present politicians who did not fund the money they owed.

  5. Hey, WOW!

    Call this negotiating?

    “The proposal “will be consistent with our view of what the State of Illinois should do for Illinoisans who need the government will be helpful for them.” He admitted that there will be a revenue “shortfall” with the budget, but committed to working with the governor to find a solution.

    Madigan said he’ll need “a little over $3 billion” in revenues to make the budget balance.

    “We’ve built cuts into our spending plan,” he added, including human services, higher education and general services.

    There will be increases for pension payments, Department of Corrections and K-12 education.”

    Madigan and his fellow Dems propose a budget that is out of balance by $3 BILLION and then states he will work with the governor to get the budget in balance!

    How about submitting a balanced budget?

    Madigan calls ALL solutions to the Illinois pension, right to work and prevailing wage problems as “non-budget” issues when they really are the BUDGET spending issues!!!


    BTW, Jack Franks voted to have Madigan as his leader.

  6. Michael Madigan is a bad guy.

    He has worked to destroy Illinois in order to benefit the few who are politically connected to him.

    Democrat house members are simply his gnomes who receive orders and allowances.

    Madigan, more than any individual, is responsible for the absolute disastrous financial situation Illinois finds herself.

    He is a disgrace.

  7. In Chicago alone, yesterday on WGN news they said there are one and a half billion dollars worth of unpaid traffic tickets.

    Why don’t we enforce the law and make people pay their fines.

    Even if very old ones were dismissed and they collected a 10% portion per month they said it would make up the city’s shortfall. How many more outstanding payments are due Illinois out there that are not collected?

    Make people do the right thing and we won’t have to argue about this.

    Don’t give teachers, police or firefighter big raises just to get re elected then cry about the cost later.

    And for all of you who never attend local school board and county and city meetings shame on you for being part of the problem (apathy) and not part of the solution.

  8. By the way in LA you can’t renew your car registration or drivers license without paying past fees and in New York they boot your car on your first offense.

  9. You get the government that you vote for.

    When will voters wise up and understand that they are nothing more than political prisoners at the hands of the Democrats ?

  10. I agree with all above..

    Does anybody believe the major ‘Press’outlets are to blame for NOT getting the message out?

    For not telling the people what is going on?

    “Some” Pols are like children. As long as nobody is watching and telling what they are NOT doing for the tax payers and their families, they just continue on the same path, time and time again.

    If we had a responsible press I believe things would at least be brought to mind.

    That being said, folks are struggling so hard right now just to put food on the table, let alone pay the rent or mortgage, most just don’t have time to breath anymore.

    We are living in a very sorry time in history.

    DEMAND we build infrastructure that is safe and up to codes, DEMAND, for once, for just one summer, that the state of Illinois STOP messing with the Tollways so we can travel unencumbered. Demand, the original deal to STOP charging tolls, begin.

    I have traveled all over this entire nation via land, sea and air, and goodness gracious, the NW Tollway is a ‘bandit’ to all those who must travel.

    But, there is no outrage from the Chicago or suburban press.

    We can all go on and on but the bottom line is, we need jobs…that pay a living wage.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ‘breakdown’ of what a family of four must pay out just to provide themselves and their children a very basic existence ever published on the front pages of our newspapers?

    All we get is ‘silence!’

    So we go silently to our 8.00 an hour jobs that leave us hungry and filled with stress.

    Paying the “Toll” all the way through life so the ‘few’ can live in luxury.

  11. Here is an example of business as usual by the Springfield status quo.

    Spend now, pay later.

    Obligate now, tax later.

    Borrow now, pay later.

    The main problem being there is no sustainable plan for later.

    Plans are typically piecemeal using often bogus numbers including unrealistic so called actuarial projections.

    That is the culture in Springfield.

    Anything different is labeled as a “pro business” agenda, attacking the working class, stripping promised benefits, etc.

    UPDATE 1-Illinois Democrats offer FY 2016 budget with cuts, revenue
    May 25, 2015 6:45pm EDT

    The cost of labor and materials overall is too high to maintain the infrastructure which is not to say everyone should get minimum wage with no benefits.

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