Message of the Day – A Cap

Springfield is always adding tourist attractions.

A cap worn in the mid-1880's.

A cap worn in the mid-1880’s.

This cap is part of a statute that stands outside Lincoln’s law office across from the Old State Capitol.
Statue of mid-1880's messenger in Springfield.

Statue of Willie Lincoln (correction made by Scott Summers in a comment below) in Springfield.

Above is what the whole statue looks like.

On Old State Capitol Art Fair weekends, it stands right next to the Children’s Tent.

That tent is the best deal at the Art Fair.

For $5 each, one can get two or three pieces of artwork donated by the exhibitors.


Message of the Day – A Cap — 1 Comment

  1. Actually, that’s Willie Lincoln.

    He’s part of this statue setting of the Lincoln family:

    Judging from Cal’s photo, it looks like Willie has been separated temporarily from the likenesses of Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, and son/brother Tad by some sort of partitioning associated with the art fair.

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